Realist Demon King – 92


“The Mongolian army was not that large. But they used horses to increase mobility and always kept the forces close together. They were also good at archery while on horseback. That’s what led them to victory.”


“In fact, the territories that Zagam has taken are all villages and towns that are on the plains.”


“The Mongolian army was not strong when it came to sieges. Especially since they relied on the power of horses.”


“That’s why Kongming and Decarbia castle have escaped invasion up until now.”


“I would like to go and help him at once…”


I said. But Toshizhou suddenly raised his voice. He seemed to have doubts.


“Ah, our genius strategist. Hasn’t he been traumatized by war? Will he really be fine?”


“He should be. It is the field of battle that he fears. Defending his castle should be different. Or at least, that is what Fuma Kotaro has told me.”


“And what is Fuma Kotaro doing now? I don’t see him here.”


“He’s gathering information. He’s the one who told us about the Centaurs.”


“And I’m sure we’re all grateful for that. But it’s not enough to know how many there are. We need to know their weaknesses.”


“They do have weaknesses. According to Fuma Kotaro, Jochi cut off one of Zagam’s arms and killed his men.”


“What? Really? In other words, Jochi isn’t completely convinced by Zagam?”


“Well, it seems that Heroes can choose who they serve. Perhaps there is something we can do with that.”


“That’s true. Still, this man called Jochi seems insane. I’ve never heard of someone cutting the person who summoned them.”




I fell silent because I remembered the time that I had first met Toshizou.

He had immediately pointed his blade at me and tested me.


So he seemed a little hypocritical. But I decided to let it go.


I glanced over to Eve. She seemed to have been thinking the same thing, and I could see her grin.

I chuckled and then told the others what time we would depart.


When I went to the place that the Ashtaroth army was posted, I gave a short speech in order to raise the morale of the soldiers.


“We will be heading forth to fight a Demon King whose army consists mainly of cavalry. Most of this army is infantry, but we have ways of dealing with riders.”


And with that, I introduced my team of trolls.

They all carried long spears that were five meters in length.


Upon seeing this, the monster and human soldiers all looked confident and said, ‘those will be able to withstand the charge of the cavalry.’


The commanders were pleased by this, but Gottlieb alone looked troubled.


“The long spears will be strong against a cavalry charge, but they are not fit for going against cavalry that uses bows. They’ll be attacked from afar.”


I whispered back to him.


“I understand your concerns, Gottlieb. However, don’t worry. I have a plan.”


However, Gottlieb didn’t ask me to elaborate.

I was disappointed, as he was the one person I wanted to tell it to.


I asked him why he wasn’t interested. Gottlieb scowled as he replied.


“Well, you are the greatest strategist here. I am sure that you will succeed. It is just for me to watch as you do it.”


He added that he and the other craftsmen were looking forward to drinking as they watched me command on the battlefield.


Well,  there was nothing to do if he was looking forward to it.


I guess I would just have to show Gottlieb something to remember.

And with that, I announced our departure.


The commanders, captains, and soldiers all raised their voices and cheered.

I could feel their voice ring inside my very core. I was not afraid of this Jochi.

That is what I thought.

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    • Why is it that all the “Realists” from fantasy novels and manga are all history majors, I wonder.

      I’m guessing from Ashta’s “plan” that he had already read half the book gifted to him by Eve? If that’s the case, then all he has to do is bring Jeanne’s good luck charm with him.

      [Or at least, that it what Fuma Kotaro has told me.]
      • that it —> that is

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