Realist Demon King – 93

In Three Days


The morale of the Ashtaroth army was high.


First, we had to rush to Decarbia castle in order to drive back Zagam’s army, which had surrounded it.


The bulk of my army was infantry, but as they were properly trained, it only took a few days to reach Decarbia castle.


It reminded me of something that Napoleon had once said.


“Napoleon, a genius of war, once said that a strong army is an army that marches a lot. Walk everywhere, through dangerous terrain and through places even the enemy would not go. That was the secret to their strength.”


In other words, the ability of the soldiers to move together was important.


“On that point, Jochi’s army of knights could be a lot of trouble. But they are not the ones surrounding the castle, are they?”


I asked Eve and she nodded.


“Currently, the ones surrounding Decarbia castle are Zagam’s main army. Most of them are monsters that are slow on their feet.”


“And where is Jochi?”


“He must have thought that the fall of Decarbia’s castle was just a matter of time. And so he is currently invading the lands of a Demon King to the south. His speed is incredible.”


“Well, he is the Hero of the plains. He moves like wildfire.”


Toshizou interrupted.


“However, isn’t that foolish of him? Zagam’s army will be weaker now. Well, it’s a good thing for us.”


“There is a danger, but he must be very confident. Perhaps he believes he can return in time if Zagam’s army is in trouble.”


“Just like that walking army theory?”


“Yes. Though, in this case, it would be running.”


In a world without cars, there no creature that was as valuable as a horse.


In that other world, it was much the same. Before they had cars, it was horses that were valued. The number of horses a country had was a symbol of their strength. Such an age had lasted for a very long time.


And every country was afraid of the tribe that invaded on horseback.

And now, it was my country that was being threatened by them. However, I did have a plan.

And I was going to put it into action now.


“Tomorrow, we will arrive at Decarbia castle. There, we will defeat Demon King Zagam, who has the castle under siege.”


“How long will it take his reinforcements to arrive?”


“It should be around three days.”


“Three days…”


“Everything will be fine if we can defeat him in three days. If not, we will be pincered by Jochi’s army of horse-riders. We would surely be defeated if that happened.”


Of course, I made sure that only my top officers heard me say the word ‘defeat.’

They all gulped and looked at me seriously.


“And so, we must finish this within three days.”


“Demon King Zagam’s main army is very strong. He has three hundred. But we have five hundred. We have the advantage in terms of numbers, as long as the reinforcements don’t arrive.”


“In such times, it would be best to target the head of the enemy. If we can kill the leader, the others will fall back.”


“Do you mean to send us out on a suicide mission then?”


Toshizou muttered, and so I corrected him.


“I wouldn’t say that. No one will die or even be in that much danger. I promise you, the group will return alive.”


“Oh, how magnanimous of you.”


“Well, I’m going to be a part of the group myself, so it’s only natural.”


Upon hearing this, Toshizou looked at me in shock.


“You would go in yourself?”




“Ridiculous. If you die, this whole battle will be over.”


“The outcome will be the same if everyone dies but me.”


I said flatly.




The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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