Cave King – 61

Chapter 61 – We found a grave!


“Alright, let’s have a competition over who can dig the most today.”


I said to Taran and Fule after we had reached the deepest part of the cave.


“Yes. I won’t lose!’


Fule shouted. Taran replied by raising a pickaxe with a sturdy grip.


This was the day after the visit from the Earth Dragon merchant, Roydon.


The part of the cave that was connected to Roydon’s tunnel was now decorated with stone materials, so it would be easy to find.


In other words, it was a sort of gate to the outside world. And so Baris said that we would have to station some guards there.


As for the dragon eggs that we had bought from Roydon, they were placed in a stone house that was under the World Tree.


Inside, there were mattresses stuffed with the feathers of Killer Birds. And there was also a stove to keep the place warm.

This was a facility to incubate the dragons.


There was one Fire Dragon egg and thirty Wyvern eggs.

It would be incredibly heartening to have that many dragons as friends on this island. And so we were quite desperate for this to succeed.


Once it looked like they would hatch, I would stay near the eggs. If not, then Rienna would stay close so that she could be the parent.


Well, if it went according to what Roydon said, then I suppose it didn’t really matter who it was, as long as it was someone who lived here.


As for me… I was spending the day mining.


Had I not been mining yesterday, I would not have met Roydon. It seemed that every time I dug on this island, something would happen…

But even then, I had not expected to meet a dragon merchant.


However, I wasn’t just mining today.

I was competing against Fule and Taran.


We stood in a line and dug in the same direction.

This would continue until midday, and we would see who had dug the farthest.


As for Ril and Mel, they were spending the day playing on top of the World Tree.

And so I wouldn’t have to hold back while digging.


Once Fule, Taran, I, and the slimes who gathered the materials, were in position, I shouted loudly.


“Alright. On your mark, get set…go!”


In that instant, I swung down with the pickaxe.


The sounds of breaking stone and the ring of metal echoed on both sides.


I would lose if I underestimated them… And so I swung my pickaxe with undivided attention.


Still, I was able to dig quite a lot now…


Of course, I had always been able to dig a lot.

After all, I was a complete amateur, and yet on my very first swing, the rocks had shattered like they were made of glass.


And yet what I was doing now was several times more than before.


Now that I think about it, ‘Cave King’ was currently Rank 3… Would I be reaching Rank 4 soon?  Or did I have to do something else to reach it?


I wondered about this as I dug, and about five minutes passed.


Suddenly, my pickaxe bounced off a hard wall.


“What? Could there be another room-like place?”


Previously, I had found what looked like a shrine and then later, a place that was a wine cellar.

And just like those times, there was a wall that had clearly been made by someone.


I stopped swinging, and shortly after, the sounds around me also died down.


And the rock walls to my right and left crumbled.


Fule and Taran then moved next to me and looked at my wall.


“Oh, so it’s the same over here too. What about you, Taran?”


Fule asked. Taran shook its body up and down.


“That means this place must be pretty wide then…Shiel. Could you tell the slimes to make a report to Baris?”


Shiel started to hop around in front of the other slimes.

They then started to move towards the surface as if they understood.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Translator-san, when does he meet his family again?? I stopped reading at about chapter 16… and skimmed to find his meeting with his family but there’s no meeting in 45+ chapters still D: Gonna start reading again once the meeting with his family happens. I hope it happens soon.

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