Jack of all Trades – 293

The Meeting Plays Out, and Asagi is Played


I left the house and rushed to where Adlus was. Daniela went to go get Manager. It was difficult walking in the raging blizzard, even if it was just a straight line. The snow was so thick in the air that it was hard to see the house next to you. And yet the goblin was walking towards us. It was hard to believe.


I walked from one house to the next until I reached the one Adlus was in. And then I knocked on the door. One of the scouts came out to greet me. Perhaps they were having a meeting. She was a woman with short hair, and looked very surprised when I told her about what I had just seen. 


“There’s a goblin headed straight for us in this blizzard. It’s clearly no ordinary goblin. I want to discuss it with Adlus, so us Rubies can deal with it. Will you tell the others?”

“Leave it to me!”
“Tell them to stay inside!”


I added as I stepped in. I hadn’t walked more than fifty meters, and yet I was covered in snow. I brushed it off and walked to the back. There were several other scouts there as well. 


“What is it?”


Adlus looked surprised as he began to stand up. A map was spread out on the table in front of him. I raised a hand for him to stay.


“I think something bad is going to happen.”

“Let’s hear it.”


And so I gave him a quick report of what I had seen. And also showed him the picture I had drawn.


“This is terrible…”

“Shut up.”

“So? You said that you saw it. How?”


It was something I kept secret, but I decided to tell Adlus. We came here together. We were linked in a way. A common destiny, perhaps.


“With these ‘Eyes.’”


“It’s called ‘Eyes of the God Wolf.’ It allows me to see things that are far away, regardless of obstacles.”

“…To think that you had such a hidden skill…”

“Not so hidden now.”

“Indeed. So that’s how you had all directions covered.”


Adlus thought back on the battle during the day and nodded with satisfaction.


“But it’s really tiring to use. However, we’re in a horrible blizzard. I had to use it if I wanted to relax enough to sleep.”

“And it is thanks to that that we are warned. Alright, let’s get everything straight.”


Adlus looked towards the map and made a suggestion. I nodded.


“This goblin that you saw. It’s likely a High Red Goblin… A unique one.”

“A unique High Red? I thought maybe the High Red was unique…”


That was what Daniela had seemed to suggest. It had made sense to me…


“Ah, High Reds are not particularly rare. When a goblin has fought long and hard and has been soaked in so much blood, it is able to evolve. And in this wide world, that can happen often enough.”

“I see.”

“But as High Reds are larger threats, they are actively hunted down by humans. Regardless, there is one big difference between High Reds and the goblin that you described.”

“Which is?”

“High Reds don’t use greatswords.”


I gulped.


“You see, High Reds are especially vicious because of the great hunger that they feel. They are always hungry. And so when they find their prey, they kill and eat it immediately. There is no intelligence to be found in such creatures. They don’t need swords. Their claws and fangs are enough.”

“So, that goblin…”

“It is a unique mutant…”


That made me think of other words.


“An abnormally evolved being…”


Perhaps Adlus had been thinking of the same thing. He nodded.


“This is bad…”

“What’s bad?”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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