Cave King – 61


Then Fule said,


“What if there is a golem inside like that other time?”

“I don’t know… I don’t sense any magic.”


I closed my eyes and concentrated.


There really wasn’t any magic to be detected.


“I doubt anything will happen as soon as we step inside.”

“So, should we go in then?”

“Yes. But we should still be careful. I’ll create the shield. So could you break through the wall?”



Fule nodded, and then swung down at the wall with all of her strength.


But one strike was not enough. And she had to hit it a second and third time.


“How about this!”


As Fule’s powerful voice echoed, the wall came crashing down.


It seemed a lot like how glass looked when it shattered…


Then light came pouring through, and I couldn’t help but close my eyes.


And then hesitantly, I opened them…


“Huh…what? What is this?”


A lush field of grass spread out before us.


In spite of us being underground, there were colorful flowers and long crystals growing everywhere.

Were we outside? No, that was impossible… I had to remind myself over and over again that we were underground. Yes, we were under the sea.


Not too far away from where we stood, I could see that there was a wall that looked like it was made of glass. And on closer inspection, I saw that the ceiling also looked like it was glass.


And from the other side of the glass, came the light that was bright like the sun. This was like an underground greenhouse.


“It’s pretty…”


Fule whispered as she looked up.


“Yeah… It’s like being outside.”


However, what was this place?


But what was most odd, was the complete lack of surprise from Taran and Shiel.


“Taran. Did you know about this place?”


Tara quietly nodded.

Taran’s movements were usually very strong and expressive, but here, the spider seemed very quiet.


It was as if this place was very special. It just stood there quietly.


However, Fule was in high spirits as she asked me,


“Lord Heal. Are those transparent things crystals?”

“Maybe… But they seem awfully neat for natural ones.”


While there were some differences in size, they had the same shape and were equal distances apart.

It was clear that someone had arranged them here for a reason.


And in front of each crystal was laid beautiful flowers that looked like they had just been picked.


Fule looked at me.


“Should I try digging?”

“No… I think they’re…”


This somber atmosphere… While they were different from ours, they were likely a type of grave.


“So this is a graveyard. Isn’t it, Taran?”


Taran nodded.

“I see.”


So it was confirmed.


There were creatures that lived underground who mourned over their dead.


While this was still speculation, I thought it was very likely that the people that rested here were related to those who made the shrine and the winery.


I could not imagine grave digging… I suppose we could just look around a little. Hmm?


Suddenly, a part of the wall moved like a sliding door.


And then…




They wore giant armor, just like the ones we had seen before.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Is it another dimension, or is it a greenhouse maintained by golems and artificial lights and heating lamps?

    I’m not sure if these golems even have combat abilities since their main job is only to maintain the facilities.

    Based on the facilities I’ve seen so far, the entire island is a ruined sanctuary for dwarves.

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