Realist Demon King – 88

Demon King Zagam


To the west of Ashtaroth Castle, in Demon King Zagam’s castle.


The room with the Kleine Bottle.


It was a magic tool allowed you to summon monsters and Heroes by placing different ingredients into it.


Every Demon King had one in their castle. It was the one thing that could not be moved or destroyed.


Apparently, all seventy-two of them had identical designs. However, Zagam was no collector of antiques, and so this was of no interest to him.

He was, however, very interested in what came out.


—It happened a few days ago.


Zagam had once again gathered together beautiful monsters and human women and was holding a sumptuous feast.


As would be expected, he drowned himself in drink and women, but then something appeared as if to disturb him.


It was a messenger from his mortal enemy, Decarbia.


At first, Zagam decided he would not meet this messenger. He never liked Decarbia. In fact, he hated the very sight of him.


Now, if Decarbia had visited in person, it would be hard for Zagam to ignore him. But this was a different matter.


Besides, he was in the middle of a feast. The food was delicious, a dancer was dancing and the song that was being sung was much better than anything he could hear from his enemy.


However, Zagam changed his mind.

This was because the report from his subordinate turned out to be much more serious than he had first expected.


“Lord Zagam. About Decarbia’s messenger, he is covered in wounds. There are arrows in his body, and he is burned as well. However, he insisted that he will not be treated until he has spoken to you.”


After hearing this much, even Zagam was able to realize that something was not normal.


“Very well. Send him in.”


And so they called the messenger.

He was, of course, inspected in advance, but all he carried was a bow with a broken string.


Zagam’s men tried to take it from him, but he insisted that this alone he must keep.


They did not see how he could cause Zagam any harm, as it was broken and he had no arrows.


And so Zagam gave him permission to enter with his bow.


This was less about looking magnanimous, and more about not caring.


He wanted to return to the feast and enjoy the company of a succubus. That was his true wish at the moment, however, it was not to be.


The nearly dead messenger stepped before Zagam and explained to him that his master had died.


Zagam was surprised by this.


“Hmm. Decarbia is really dead? I intended on killing him myself eventually. How did it happen? Who did it?”


“Lord Decarbia was killed by a Demon King who was born in the north.”


“Ah, the much-rumored coward.”


Zagam muttered.

The messenger answered.


“It is true what they say about him. The Ashtaroth army should have been no larger than our own. No, ours was larger. However, he turned things around in just two weeks.”


“And what magic did he use?”


“He did it through strategy. First, he created fake gold coins, and brought them into our lands. Then he leaked information about it so we would confiscate them.”


“And then he declared war?”


“Not only that. He knew that the money would be used to strengthen Decarbia’s forces. And so he quickly prepared his army and attacked.”


“So, he attacked after Decarbia had used the fake money and lost the trust of his people and the mercenaries.”


“Yes. He thinks like the devil.”


“A terrifying Demon King, indeed. I doubt I would have thought of such a thing.”


Zagam wasn’t stupid.


He didn’t underestimate the power of his enemies. And could honestly admit that he was intimidated by Ashta.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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