Cave King – 39

Chapter 39 – The kid was digging too!!


“Alright, let’s start then…”


I went deep into the caves and started to swing my pickaxe.


And like that, the sounds of metal against rock started to echo throughout the cave.


“…Hmm. This sound really does help me relax.”


Next to me, Shiel moved its body as if nodding in agreement.


Kamyu came to this island, and then the Leviathan came… There were so many things I had to deal with.

A lot of adjustments would have to be made. And there was still the Leviathan and the remains of all those ships…


That being said, I had only had to stop mining for three days.

And yet it had seemed like an eternity. It just showed that I needed to be mining in order to maintain my sanity.


But now, I should be able to concentrate on it… That’s what I thought


After all, now that the island residents had exceeded 500, I had decided to have leaders in every department.


First, there had to be someone who led the island in terms of governing… Someone like the prime minister in the palace I used to live in. And that role was given to Baris.

At first, Baris refused to accept it, but when he saw that the others supported this motion, he finally accepted it.

As for dealing with smaller problems and finding solutions, similar to a judge, that would also be Baris’s job.

However, more important matters would still be brought to me.


Next, we needed someone to be in charge of food and clothing. Rienna accepted this post.

In my old country, this would be something like the department of agriculture.

Aside from that, Rienna would act as a representative for me, when I wasn’t on the surface.

So if I was the king, she was a regent or governor-general.


Erevan was in charge of the island’s defense, which made him the minister of defense.

The Golems and guards would obey him and protect the island from outside attacks.


Ashton and Haines would support him. They would help maintain the peace and also be in charge of hunting the Killer Birds.

I suppose they were like peacemakers for disputes.


And then, there was Kamyu.

As she was very skilled with ships, she had a wide range of responsibilities that concerned the sea.

If a battle ever erupted at sea, it would be Kamyu, and not Erevan who would take command.

In a way, she was the chief of the navy.

Also, due to a strong personal request she made, she was also appointed the Minister of Sheorl Fashion.


Just as before, Mappa was in charge of the smithy.

And while he did not speak, he was able to instruct the other monsters through demonstrations.

And it seemed to be effective, as the others were slowly starting to be able to make high-quality tools.


…Now that I thought of it, everyone was pretty much doing what they always had been, except for Kamyu…

Without me having to say anything, Taran continued to make webs and Shiel continued to transport materials.

As for construction work, I told the others to discuss it and build whatever they wanted.


As for me… I called myself the Minister of the Cave.

As the name implied, it was a random and vague title that suggested I was in charge of matters related to the cave.


Well, such was the setup that now allowed me to dig to my heart’s content.


It wasn’t that the work related to the surface was too much trouble for me to bother with.

It was just about finding the right people for the job.


Besides, if something did happen, I wasn’t going to leave everything to the others.

This was just how things would run when everything was normal.


And so I cheerfully swung my pickaxe.


“It’s been so long since I was able to do this without having to worry about anything else…”


The Golems would detect any danger that befell the other miners, and they would protect them.

And Cave King meant I didn’t have to worry about the cave collapsing.


The only thing that bothered me a little, was the distance to the entrance.

It was getting longer every day. Currently, it took about 15 minutes to get back.


Going down was fine, as we could ride on Shiel and slide down. However, it was different when going back up.

And while the slimes and Cave Spiders still carried us, I felt bad about making them rush.

They were doing enough already, by making it easier for us to get back.


The first thing I thought of that could help, was a carriage.

If we used donkeys, then they wouldn’t have any trouble even with the slopes…

However, there were no donkeys on this island.


I would have to give this problem more thought.


Perhaps I could do something with the Crystals and other ore?

Maybe Mappa and the others would have some ideas.


Either that or I might find a new stone that could help…


Such were the thoughts in my head as I continued to swing my pickaxe.


Just then, I heard a voice calling from behind me.


“Ah, Lord Heal! There you are!”


When I turned around, I saw a pretty girl with short black hair waving her hand at me.


For a second, I was about to ask if I knew her, but then I realized that it was Fule, a former goblin.

Like Rienna, she had used an Ascending Stone and now looked human and could use magic.

She had long bangs that covered one of her eyes, but had well-defined features that I couldn’t help but be surprised when looking at her.


That being said, I answered like I always had.


“Fule. What’s the matter?”

“Yes. It’s about Ril…uh…”


Fule said. Then the small, white kobold baby appeared on her shoulder.

While Ril was small, she was already standing on two legs now.

And in her hands, was a cute, small pickaxe.


To me, it was about the size of a pen.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Uh you sure about making Kamyu the Minister of Sheorl Fashion? Did Heal forget about the ridiculous wig and makeup she was wearing when she first arrived?

    D’aww Ril has a teeny tiny pickaxe to mine with and help her Papa.

  2. Hmm … Well gotta wait for the mango instead to have better a picture. Anyway the content are not much, but the update way faster … Thanks for the translation.

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