Cave King – 39


However, it was likely made of Mithril and a branch of the World Tree. Which meant that it was hardly a toy.


“Ril. You can already stand up, huh? Did Mappa make that for you?”


Ril didn’t nod at this, but Fule did.


“Mister Mappa made it. And she’s been hitting the ground with it ever since. And so Miss Rienna suggested that I take her down here.”

“I see… Ril. Do you want to dig with that?”


Though, I didn’t think she would understand what I was saying.


However, she seemed to have guessed, judging by the situation, and so she nodded.


“…Alright then. Though I do think it’s a little early, I’ll give you the benefit of ‘Cave King’ as well.”


And then the Advisor’s voice rang in my head.


<<There is a tamable monster. Will you tame it?>>


…Do it.


<<Naming complete. You have tamed Ril.>>


Once it was done, Ril looked surprised as she started to look around the cave.


Apparently, the surprise was due to suddenly being able to see white lights all over the walls.


However, Fule was also surprised.


“Huh? It’s suddenly become so much brighter?”


As I looked at her with puzzlement, the Advisor continued.


<<As your proficiency in each level has been raised, the ‘Cave King’ crest has gone up to Rank 3.>>


I had heard similar words when I tamed Taran the Cave Spider.

Does that mean I have more abilities now?


<<As you are now Rank 3, the effects of Cave King have been raised and expanded.>>


Oh. And so what can I do now?


<<The mining assistance feature has improved. You can now use mining optimization outside of the cave.>>


In other words, these glowing white lights should appear outside of the cave as well.

That really was quite useful.


<<Furthermore, monsters that you’ve tamed will be able to use the Nightvision feature.>>


I see. So that was the reason that Ril and Fule were surprised. Everything looked brighter to them.

Up until now, they had relied on the torches made of the Shining Stones. But it was now just as bright in here as it was outside. So it was no wonder they were surprised.


“It looks like everyone can use these abilities now.”

“So this is the ‘Nightvision’ that you were talking about…it’s amazing.”

“Right? It’s like being outside… In any case, now we won’t have to use the Shining Stones anymore.”


Though, having them made the area even brighter.

And since there was no shortage, I decided to keep them in place, for Mappa’s sake.


Well, he would come down here, even if it was completely dark…


Fule turned to me.


“…Now it will be even easier to dig! In fact, I came down here to do just that.”

“I see. Want to dig together? Ril too.”


Fule nodded eagerly.


“I want to find something even better than what I did last time!”

“Oh? Have you become addicted to mining too?”

“Yes! So many interesting things come out when you dig here. Besides, father says I should come down here in order to gain favor!”

“Huh? Favor? What does he mean by that?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I look like this now. And since you’re the king of the island, who wouldn’t want to gain favor?”


In other words…he wanted me to consider her as a candidate for marriage…?

No, no. It was impossible to believe someone as tough and strong as Fule would have eyes for someone like me.

However, there was not a lot of room for interpretation, considering what was said.

But more importantly, there was someone else I was fond of…


And so I stood there, looking a little embarrassed.


On the other hand, Fule looked completely unconcerned as she shouted, ‘I’m going to do my best!’ and started swinging her pickaxe.

As if to try and match her energy, Ril began to hit the wall with her tiny pickaxe as well.


And so I shook the thoughts out of my head and started to instruct Ril on how to mine.

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  1. Wait… he had to tame a little one to level up? That crest is a bit iffy. Well, it’s never explained well, so it might be something else, like the number, of variety, but…
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • It would be funny that taming would be a required thing to to do for “king” crest users regardless of the crest purpose. That would also be a solid jab to the kingdom since they hate monsters.

      ( the fact that monsters also have crest sort of negate my theory but still…)

      • Would be funny if the king (Heal’s father) missed out on evolving his crest because they don’t accept monsters.

  2. Honestly I’m getting a Re:Monster vibe from this. Ya know…except without all the rape and cannabalism. So basically a light hearted monster evolution kingdom building story?

  3. Considering it’s called “King” maybe the number or strength of subordinates can also influence its growth. I dunno seems like a viable explanation to me.

    • I had the same thought Since they are “Kings” and the Taming does in a way increase the power of the subordinates. Maybe Heal’s father’s crest evolves as well but the conditions are different for each King crest to evolve. Like a Farmer king may need to not only grow a huge amount of crops but also manage a large amount of farmers and farms. So, maybe for Cave King is Related to The area of the cave he manages and the number and strength of his subordinates and how many are miners may have an effect as well. His “Kingdom” should consist of maybe 400~+ Subjects(not including Guard golems), farms, a world tree, fishing boat, a smithy, Bath, and housing I’d put this at the level of a Large village and would say they are on average many times stronger than an average human plus they are Cave King crest boosted and we don’t know what other crests there are in the lot so there may be so hidden gems in there. I personally would start Keeping records on stone Tablets using a etching tool of the Number of residents as well as the race, crests, and genders, a count on food, material, and what may be useful to try and obtain when they get a chance. And make a stone board for requests, complaints, and concerns. I feel that the more expanded the “Kingdom” becomes the stronger the Crest will get

  4. “In other words…he wanted me to consider her as a candidate for marriage…?”

    So is Fule a male or female in this sentence? Or is she both?

  5. I think that there were a typo, he has tamed over 400 monsters, not just 100. The goblins were around 200, kobolds 100 and orcs around 140 right?
    Ah, the next chapter link… Its gone… T_T

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

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