Realist Demon King – 88


However, he was still a Demon King. And he was just as conceited as Decarbia, if not more so.


“He may be the king of strategy, but he is not perfect. And while he may have taken Decarbia’s lands, I still have a chance of winning if I act quickly.”


“Exactly. He still hasn’t strengthened his fighting force yet. Besides, many of Decarbia’s men will side with you now.”


“That would help…”


He began but paused. In his heart, he knew that such men would barely be of any use.


The messenger seemed to realize this as well, and so he moved on to the main subject.


The reason that he had come here, in spite of the wounds and arrows, was so that his master could be avenged.


And he was willing to endure any amount of humiliation for this.


With this resolve, he raised the broken bow with both hands.


Zagam looked at it with suspicion.


“And what is that?”


“This is the ‘drifted relic’ that my master had hidden.”


“A drifted relic!?”


They were treasures that were connected to Heroes from other worlds.

By putting them into the Klein Bottle, you would be able to summon a Hero.


These Heroes tended to be very powerful. The number of Heroes under your command had a great impact on the overall strength of a Demon King’s force. That’s how important they were.


It was awfully generous, if not too convenient. Zagam suspected that there must be more to this.


The messenger calmly explained.


“It was Lord Decarbia’s trump card. He was going to use against you.”


“However, he was taken out by a weaker Demon King.”


“Unfortunately. However, his hatred against Astha is stronger. Upon his death, he wished that you would avenge him.”


“In other words, I’m to use this to kill his enemy?”




And when he was finished speaking, Decarbia’s messenger collapsed to the ground.

Apparently, he accomplished his goal.

He had used the last of his strength to come here and hand over the drifted relic.

And now he was of no use to anyone.

He lost consciousness and soon died.


“I must commend him for doing his duty. Give him a proper burial.”


Zagam ordered his subordinates. His gargoyle soldiers obeyed.


—That was all three days ago.


That was how he acquired the drifted relic. But Zagam was still unsure if he should use it.


He had been told that it was Decarbia’s trump card. That suggested the Hero must be very powerful. And so there was reason to be cautious.


Heroes were able to choose who they would serve.

Would this Hero obey him after being summoned?

He couldn’t help but wonder.

However, after much thought, Zagam put the drifted relic into the Klein Bottle.

His men would mock him if he hesitated now.

Besides, this Demon King Ashtaroth was stronger than he had thought.

Zagam might lose if he fought him head-on.

He did not want to follow Decarbia.

And so he made his decision.


Regardless of what Hero was born, he would assert his authority and use them as his subordinate.


And he would use this Hero in order to defeat Demon King Ashtaroth.

It was with such feelings that he dropped the bow into the pot.

It was a light bow, which was easy to use while on horseback.

Perhaps the owner was a well-known archer.

Zagam mused.

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  1. So the last present fr Decarbia was drifted relic.. but this two edge sword. So will this new hero become new ally after Astha defeat Zagam?

    Thanks for the chapter !!

    • If Zagam could actually use proper manners, the summoned hero might be inclined to hear his request. If that’s the case, then there’s no doubt Ashta and his subordinates will face a difficult challenge before inevitably defeating Zagam and incorporating the hero into his ranks with the power of words and persuasion.

  2. The only famous archer I can think of right now is Robin Hood. I’m sure there are others but I can’t think of them and it’s not like Gilgamesh or EMIYA can be summoned >.>

    Anyways this guy doesn’t actually sound bad. I don’t remember there being mentioned any negative rumors about him. Unlike Decarbia and Eligos. I kinda hope he instead ends up allying with Ashta instead.

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