Jack of all Trades – 291

Annihilation and the Jades


“Inside the house. There are two in the first room to the right. And then there is one hiding in the house next to it.”



Answered Marcel. She seemed the more energetic of the two, and immediately moved towards the house with the goblins. Silket had a more somber air as she followed after her. I followed in order to make sure they wouldn’t have any trouble.

The goblins were waiting on both sides of the room’s entrance. However, Marcel did not slowly poke her head into the room, as they must have anticipated. Instead, she rolled through and caught them by surprise. Then she spun around and aimed for the neck of the first goblin. She held her short sword with the blade pointing down and swung. The first goblin’s head flew in the air as the other looked at her with rage and fell upon her. However, Silket was quick to act. And her one-handed sword pierced into the goblin’s exposed back.


“Hmm. Good.”


I nodded. They were synchronized and seemed to see each other perfectly. It was probably because they were in the same party.

As I watched them, I used Presence Detection to check on the other goblin. It had heard the noise and was moving restlessly…I think. That’s when I saw it poke its head out of the window to look…


“Wrong move.”


I planted an ice arrow in its forehead.


“Alright, let’s go then.”

“Yes… Uh, you’re quite intimidating to watch, Mister Asagi.”

“Though…we are in the higher ranks of Jades in the imperial city…”

“I’m just more used to it, that’s all. You should have seen me running from forest wolves in the beginning.”


I thought back on that day in Fhiraldo. I really thought that I was going to die…


“Surely not! But you have an alias! And a unique skill!”

“It is certainly hard to believe!”

“No, it’s true. Though, there were about fifteen wolves chasing after me. Still, I was screaming and shouting for help as I ran.”


They didn’t seem entirely convinced. Well, I was just an ordinary civilian back then. Compared to how I was now, it was no wonder they didn’t believe it.


“…Anyway, let’s continue on!”




This was no time for reminiscing. We had to hurry up and wipe out the goblins from the village.


And so I frantically ran out of the house and searched the area with Presence Detection. Hmm…there were a lot of goblins near a group of Jades. The ones around Daniela were in a manageable number. In that case, we should visit the group of Jades and kill any goblins we met on the way.

The other two nodded in agreement. And we acted quickly, running towards the group while killing anything in our path. They were close to the center of the village. While the village was not particularly large, it wasn’t a poor one either. These were proper houses, not shacks, and there was something like a watchtower in the center. Maybe there had been a festival.


When we reached the tower, the situation became quite clear. They had taken a stand in the center of the village while the goblins had swarmed around them. But there was no changing the fact that these were goblins fighting Jades. They prevented the circle from tightening around them as they cut the goblins down and decreased their numbers. It seemed like they had things under control.

However, they were still walking on a tightrope. If a mutant appeared now, their strategy would crumble. Thankfully, I had yet to sense the presence of one.


“Alright, let’s join them!”



Of course, just because there wasn’t a mutant, didn’t mean they couldn’t use our help. This fight should be finished as quickly as possible. Besides, watching Marcel and Silket fight so bravely had strengthened my resolve to ensure that everyone return to the imperial city safely.




Velnoir cut a goblin’s spear in half before viciously cutting it down. A goblin raised its sword at my back. I spun around and kicked it into the air, then created an ice sword in my left hand, which I used to split its head open. By now they seemed to have realized that it would take more than one goblin to take me down, and so multiple goblins rushed towards me at once. With Legs of the God Wolf, I escaped to the air and landed behind them with a deadly slash.




Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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