Jack of all Trades – 291


I could hear someone saying, but I was too busy to care. While the enemy were going down easily, I was still frantic. The reason for it was that I had started to sense an odd presence. Something like that poison goblin. It smelled unique.

I continued to search and looked with my eyes, but could not find it. Its presence was so vague, that I wondered if it might be using some sort of magic tool to hide. It was as if it were melting into the air and into the earth…


“Asagi! Below you!”


Suddenly, Daniela’s voice rang in my ears. And my reflexes launched me into the air. And then the presence that had been barely perceptible a second ago, became clear. And at the same time, the ground caved in.

I could feel magical energy emanating from the disturbed ground. It was earth magic. Then the thing that I felt…


“There’s a goblin magician!”


One of the Jades shouted. Goblins were supposed to be stupid and incapable of using magic. But there were rare goblins that were different. I had learned about it in the guild library.

So, there was one such goblin here. It was no wonder I hadn’t been able to sense it. It had hidden its energy until the last moment and then activated it all at once when we didn’t expect it. It was quite the strategy. Had I not been here, it might have worked.


However, it had failed, and the goblin magician tried to run. If it was able to hide, it would have another chance to attack.

Of course, no one here was about to allow that to happen.




The arrow that Daniela unleashed caught it right in the back. As if following her lead, numerous other arrows followed. And so the goblin magician fell to the ground like a hedgehog, having ultimately not done anything impressive at all.


“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“It was nothing. …Hmm. It seems they killed all of the ones in the village.”


We scanned the area. Indeed, it did seem like the battle here was over. Thanks to the brave contributions of everyone here, the swarm of goblins had all been killed. I couldn’t sense any others within the village. It was just us and the Adventurers.


“Good. Someone, go and make a report to Adlus. The rest of you, inspect your equipment. Then we will go and kill the goblins outside of the village!”


I shouted. Daniela was busy checking her bow. Two Jades ran off in the direction of the river. The others checked to see if their equipment was damaged or if anyone was injured. But from what I could see, they all seemed fine.

As for me, I took out the demon armor sword from the hollow bag and held if in my right hand, opposite the Velnoir. There would be even more enemies outside. And I intended on leaving Marcel and Silket with the other Jades and going out alone.


“What about you, Daniela?”

“I will look for Rindo and help the other Jades outside. Are you going to act as a lone wolf?”

“I wouldn’t call it that… I’m just going to scratch an itch you guys can’t reach.”

“Hehe. How amusing. Very well.”

“Leave it to me.”


Daniela extended her fist and I bumped mine against it. At the same time, Adlus deactivated his water magic, and the wall returned to the river. Now, Namila Village had been liberated. It was time to deal with the remnants of the goblin force.


“Alright. Everyone, follow me!”


Daniela took the lead. Now that the Jades had finished their inspections, they followed after her.

So… I activated Legs of the God Wolf and was about to take off, when I heard someone call to me.


“What are you going to do, Mister Asagi?”

“Hmm? Ah, I’ll be all over the place. You two should go and join Daniela.”

“You’re going alone!?”

“I’ll be fine. And if not…I can always run.”



Marcel had a look that was close enough to disgust. I laughed and insisted that I was joking.


“Anyway, Daniela and Adlus and Mana-…Rindo are here too. If it’s still dangerous, I think we all better run.”

“I understand. But please be careful, Mister Asagi!”

“Remember, the goal is for all of us to return safely!”



I felt invigorated after hearing their encouraging words. And with that, I flew up and above Namila Village. As the two looked through the raging wind in surprise, I headed for the outside of the village.

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