Jack of all Trades – 316

Goodnight, Goodbye


We waited with our backs to the wall near the entrance of the first floor. After a while, a young man came down the stairs with Felz. He seemed calm enough, but Felz’s cheek looked a little red.

“Hey, Felz. How was it?”

“Mister Asagi… I was scolded, but I feel better now!”

“Hmm. Don’t let the experience go to waste.”

I said a little teasingly. The man looked a little surprised at first, and then realization settled in.

“Are you the person who saved Felz…?”

“Yeah. Sorry for not introducing myself. I’m an Adventurer. The name’s Asagi. I found Felz when he was being attacked by a goblin. It was a close call, but he came out unhurt. Well, that is until now…”

I said as I created a block of ice for him to cool off his cheek.

“Then I owe you my thanks. Both for Namila village and for helping Felz. I’m currently the acting chief. My name is Aifis. Uh, and you…”

“Daniela. A pleasure.”

Daniela said curtly as she tousled Felz’s hair.

Her unsocial side was as healthy as ever.

After that short introduction, we decided to sit down together and talk. That’s when Daniela declared that this could be accomplished while we ate. And so we somehow found ourselves at ‘Meat, Meat, Meat, Meat.’

“Now, should we begin?”

“Damn it! What part of having a relaxed conversation involves cooking so much meat?”

“You can talk and relax as it cooks, can you not?”

“That depends on the heat!”

“I tend to use a low flame.”

“That’s news to me!”

Daniela was not one to budge when it came to meat. And we hadn’t been in the city for a while. It should have been no surprise that Daniela would want to come here. It was my fault for not seeing it in advance…no, it actually wasn’t.

“Ah, please calm down. We are also very fond of meat.”

“That’s not the problem… Oh, whatever. I get it. We might as well all eat as much as we can then!”


Felz’s cheek looked better, thanks to the ice, and he now thrust his hands into the air cheerfully. Aifis also looked like he couldn’t wait to dig in. I guess they really were brothers.


Daniela looked so smug that had it been Rex sitting their instead, I would have punched him.

  □   □   □   □

The meat sizzled as the fumes rose into the air. I just knew my clothes would smell of meat for a while. In the meantime, Aifis, Daniela, and I all reached for our wine, while Felz held his fruit water. And we had a good time.

“Bah, that quest name was really something!”

“What? I thought it was pretty good! The Namila Village Liberation Frontline! But nothing is more impressive than you all, who made it actually happen!”


We clinked our cups together for no reason at all once again. The wine spilled from our wooden mugs and fell on the grill where it evaporated.

“Hey, Asagi! Do not spill that on top of the meat!”

“I’m flambéing! It adds flavor!”

“Do not use words that I cannot understand!”

Even when she was drunk, Daniela’s fixation over the meat did not weaken. As for Felz, he was eating the meat greedily next to me.

“Is it good?”


“Yes, yes. Just shut up and eat if you’re a man! Here, have some more!”

I patted him on the head as he nodded and stuffed more meat into his mouth. Everyone seemed to have forgotten our purpose for coming here. Or how this even happened. It was all just about eating and drinking now. This unexpected celebration of the end of the stampede was a good way of averting my eyes from reality.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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