Cave King – 205

Chapter 205 – We Know What The Enemy Is!?

After the Zenrada dwarf surrendered to Mappa, I called Alyssa and some of the people of Alanberc to the holy place.

This was so that I could hand over the royals and nobles of Arancia to them.
Perhaps they were frightened by the giant Mado Armor that Mappa had arrived in, because as soon as the dwarf released them from the spell, they surrendered to Alyssa without resisting.

“I see…so that’s what happened.”

Alyssa muttered as she looked at the entrance to the underground.

“I’m sure there is a lot on your mind right now, but in regards to the dwarves, will you allow us to keep them?”

I asked, and Alyssa nodded without hesitation.

“This whole thing started when our ancestors killed the dwarves in order to take possession of the World Tree. And so we cannot blame the dwarves. More importantly…”
“Aye. We learned something important.”

The words of the dwarf had revealed the identity of the black mist.
That the black mist was due to black bugs that were hidden in meteorites that rained down from the sky long ago.

Fule, who was listening next to me, opened her mouth.

“There was so much, even if it’s just the black mist we have seen… If they devour living creatures as food in order to multiply, wouldn’t there be an insane number of them by now?”
“And to burn all of them… That does not seem very realistic.”

Ashton said with a severe expression. Haines nodded.

“It would be one thing if they covered the land like here in Arancia, but they move around. And we don’t know where they are. It will be difficult to exterminate them completely.”
“Even if we recover all the area around Arancia, they could flow in again from somewhere else… After all, we don’t know what it will be like in a hundred or two hundred years.”

Alyssa looked up at the sky, which had regained some of its blue color.

Indeed, the idea of searching every inch of this world would be like trying to grab the clouds.


“…If we can repair the teleportation gates in the Sheorl underground, as well as the gates across the lands, then it will be easier to share information. We will be able to hear news about the black mist. Also, the dwarves and Mappa have the skills to fix them.”

Fule nodded in agreement.

“We might be able to meet other people who are plagued by the black mist, just like the Arancian people.”
“If that happens, we of Alanberc would like to help as well.”

Alyssa answered.

“Thank you. That’s good to hear. But, Alyssa. What do you mean to do with them?”

I said as I looked at the Arancian royals and nobles.

“I’ve already discussed it with my father. They will be scattered and made to live in different parts of Alanberc. And there, they will work just like any other commoner. As for the government, it will be like before. The people will choose representatives who will form a council. And the holy place shall be returned to the dwarves.”
“The dwarves have entrusted me with how to deal with the holy place. As there is clean water and crops can grow here, the people of Alanberc should use it.”
“…Are you sure?”
“Aye. With the use of this place, the situation regarding food should be improved greatly. That means less food will have to be sent from Sheorl.”
“Thank you, Lord Heal… Thanks to you all, we were able to acquire weaponry and food. And now the problem of the holy place has been solved. The restoration of our country will move much more swiftly now.”

We had finished posting the Mado Armors now. I could probably just leave everything to the people of Arancia. And as the purification of the black mist continued, their fields would expand. But if anything happened, Sheorl would also lend them a hand.

And so we would be able to focus on investigating the black mist and repairing the teleportation gates.

Alyssa bowed to us and continued.

“I am so very grateful to you! We will never forget the debt that we owe Sheorl.”

She said, and we all faced each other. There was such a great sense of accomplishment that we all smiled.

And then Fule replied.

“You’re very welcome. But more importantly, Miss Alyssa. Don’t you have something to say to Lord Heal?”

I tilted my head to the side and looked at Alyssa.

Then Alyssa blushed and answered frantically.

“Oh, that! Uh, well… I decided to talk to Lady Rienna about that!”
“In other words, our princess is…oh.”

Fule noticed the person who was behind Alyssa.

Rienna was smiling as she approached.

“Lord Heal. I came as soon as I heard the report!”

As Fule covered her mouth with her hands, Rienna stopped in front of me.

There was an awkward atmosphere, but I replied to her.

“Ah, I see. Well, the dwarves have agreed to join us, and the issue with Arancia has been resolved.”
“Yes! And so, I was thinking that today, Alanberc and Sheorl should hold a feast and festival together! We have not celebrated yet since deciding on the Sheorl and Arancia alliance.”
“Now that you mention it… What do you think, Alyssa?”

Alyssa nodded immediately.

“Of course! We would gladly welcome it. Today can be a commemorative day for Sheorl and Arancia!”
“Good, then it’s decided… Everyone. We’re going to prepare a feast now!”

I said, and everyone shouted ‘aye!’

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  1. Personally I’m not really satisfied that the only punishment to the nobles is being stripped of their titles and treated like commoners. They should’ve at least made them into slaves. What guarantee do they have that the former nobles won’t just refuse to cooperate in rebuilding everything or even try to sabotage things? If they’re not gonna kill them then at least some kind of slave magic could compel them to help out.

    On another note looks like Alyssa has gotten approval from the main waifu. Maybe they should use this upcoming celebration to announce Heal’s engagements to everyone.

    • I stopped reading this because I didn’t have more chapters to read so I waited for a year and it turns out that they only increase by 16 extra chapters 😭. Thanks for the translation anyway God bless you

  2. A rather good ending of this trouble, though unsatisfying considering what those nobles did and how they behaved. I hope the author releases more chapters with better outcomes soon.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! May God bless you!

  3. Scattered to distant parts of the land and forced to work as commoners?

    Wonderfully karmic.

    It may not be satisfying to us readers, but it is a method that works.

    Machiavelli used this method to deal with dissidents and he had no problems ruling his empire for the better part of a century.

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