Cave King – 206

Chapter 206 – The Alliance Celebration!

At the foot of the revived World Tree in Alanberc.

A dazzling banquet hall had been constructed there, with curtains decorated with the leaves of the World Tree.

And on the round stone tables were lavish dishes that included seafood from Sheorl. And people from all over Alanberc gathered around it.

It wasn’t just the foot of the tree. Similar banquet halls had been set up at the other plazas of Alanberc as well. It was the same back in Sheorl.

It was the night that the holy place had been freed, and the once gray streets of Alanberc were shining as if it was the middle of the day.

Currently, Arancia was celebrating its alliance with Sheorl.

A great stage had been set in front of the hall under the tree, and Alyssa was standing on it.

“Now, let us bless this alliance between Sheorl and Arancia with a toast!!”

Alyssa’s clear voice rang through the hall, and the air was filled with cheers from across the city.

After that, the clamorous and festive banquet began.

The hall was thick with the smell of the World Tree leaves and the smell of honey…

Next to me, Erevan drained his cup and said,

“Ahhh…! Honey wine really is the best!!”
“Please don’t drink too much, father. We decided to limit everyone to three cups so that there is enough to go around.”

Fule said as she sipped her honeyed water.

The honey that we had gathered from Heath and the other giant bees of Sheorl… And we had turned it into wine.

I wasn’t really deeply involved in the process, as I don’t drink, but Erevan and the other drinkers of the island had started to mass produce it. And since they were very serious about it, they even used leaves, flowers and fruits from the World Tree to add different scents.

It wasn’t just Erevan, but the people of Alanberc seemed to enjoy it as well. I somehow doubted that three cups would be enough.

But aside from that, they were also offering guests small cups of wine.

Haines seemed to have drunk too much already, as he was stretched out on the ground. As for Ashton, he was competing with someone from Alanberc over who could drink more.

Rienna sat next to me and chuckled.

“Three cups is only a suggestion. We made sure that there would be enough even if they drank twice as much.”
“You really thought about everything then. And the food looks like it must have been a lot of work. I can’t thank you enough, Rienna.”

It had been Rienna who planned the banquet. She had even decided on the menu based on the food we had in storage.

“Not at all. Besides, there were so many good cooks in Alanberc. And they had a lot of mushrooms.”
“Yes, mushroom dishes would be quite new for the people of Sheorl.”

After living in Sheorl for so long and eating so much seafood, you start to really crave food like this.

Mappa was tossing the mushrooms into his mouth as if they were a snack. But as those mushrooms could be eaten raw, there was no problem.

It was then that Alyssa walked up to me with a cup.

“Lord Heal! Are you drinking?”
“Honey water… Uh, Alyssa… Your face seems a little red. Have you been…”
“No, no. I have not been drinking at all. It’s just that this is such a blessed day. And I’m quite excited.”
“That’s true. This is the first alliance for Sheorl as well. I’m very happy about that.”

Speaking of alliances, Kamyu had been sent to the republic of Amolis, in the east continent, as an ambassador. This was partly to recruit emigrants from the former dukedom, but Leila also wanted Amolis to be Sheorl’s ally.

Well, now that we were at peace with the kingdom that was my homeland, the alliance with Amolis wasn’t as necessary.

However, there was no harm in having friendly relationships with others, in order to deal with this black mist that was supposed to bring the end of the world.

Though, it would not have been strange for Kamyu and the others to have returned already…

I continued to talk to Alyssa.

“I said it before, but I want to form more alliances with the countries of the world. There may be others who are suffering like Arancia was. When that happens, we’ll need your help…”
“Of course. And every time a new alliance is formed, we can hold a banquet like this!”

Rienna chuckled at those words.

“And if they are from a distant land, they may share with us rare foods. Then the banquets will be even more extravagant.”

As Rienna said, if we befriended countries in other climates, we could acquire food that did not exist in Sheorl.

And it wasn’t just food. Being able to trade with other countries would help enrich Sheorl even more.

And so it was important to send out ambassadors and merchants like Kamyu and the others, but the teleportation gates would be even more important.

I would dig in Sheorl’s undergrounds, and I’ll have Mappa and the dwarves fix any teleportation gates that I find.

According to Shiel, with the exception of the teleportation gates that were completely destroyed by the meteors, there were five that could possibly be repaired. Shiel had already marked their locations on a map. So all I had to do was dig.

Of course, even if the teleportation gates in Sheorl were repaired, it wouldn’t mean anything if the gates that they connect to are broken. In fact, Shiel thought it was more likely that they were all broken.

Well, we wouldn’t know until we dug…

I thought as I took a sip of honey water. There really was nothing but digging for me. It was all that I ever thought about.

“…I guess it’s back to endless days of digging then.”
“Due to your influence, Lord Heal, more people in Arancia have become interested in digging. And so we will put more effort into it from now on.”
“I’d be happy if you let me dig sometime as well.”
“You are always welcome!”

Alyssa answered with a smile.

After that, the banquets in Alanberc and Sheorl continued amidst a lively atmosphere.

Apparently, I then fell asleep without realizing it…and when I came to, it was already morning, and I was in one of the rooms attached to the hot springs in Alanberc, with Rienna.

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