Cave King – 162

Chapter 162 – She was a Warrior Princess!

“Who are you?”

The woman with the long, black ponytail pointed her sword at me and glared.

“Get up! Miss Karla!”

Fule shook the unconscious guardian near a corner of the wall. However, she had not budged ever since she experienced Taran’s movement through the air. Even recovery magic did not work on her.

This was bad…
Karla had come with us in order to explain, but I doubted she would get up any time soon.

And the woman and soldiers all saw us as outsiders.

Well, I would just have to state my name and purpose.

“I am Heal. The lord of an island called Sheorl.”

They all looked surprised the moment that they heard ‘Sheorl.’
But it wasn’t because they recognized it, as I could hear them muttering, ‘What? Where is that?’

Well, I didn’t really expect them to know. It had been unsettled land.

Besides, I didn’t know which continent this was.

And so I decided to say the more famous name.

“And um, I was born in the Kingdom of Sanfaris…”

However, they all tilted their heads.

So they didn’t know Sanfaris either.
Even if they didn’t know Sheorl, I would have expected them to recognize the name of a kingdom. There was no one on the Barleon continent who did not know of Sanfris.

In any case, it was clear that this wasn’t the Barleon continent now.

“We came here to trade. And while I only have iron ore with me now, my island is rich with fish and tea leaves.”

I took out an iron ingot from my inventory.

The surrounding soldiers began to mutter to each other.

“I-iron suddenly appeared?”
“And that magic he did earlier. Who are these people?”

They were looking at us and the iron as if they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Damn it…had that been a bad idea?

However, the black-haired woman, who appeared to be their commander, opened her mouth.

“Silence! You say that you wish to trade with us?”

Of course, we did.
However, our first priority was to help someone who was in need. We had come here after Ogus requested for our help.

That being said, being too honest about everything might just make them suspicious.
After all, who would believe us if we said we came to such dangerous territory in order to help them, and we wanted nothing in return?

“Ah, aye. We also have weapons and armor made of iron. And stone materials you could use to build walls. And of course, food.”

She looked at us sharply.

“As I said before, we can catch a lot of fish. From small sardines to larger fish like tuna…and also clams. Satan Shellfish as well. Though, they are a little frightening to look at.”

As I talked, I could hear people gulping behind the women. It sounded like the soldiers were swallowing their saliva.

The woman’s expression slackened as she continued.

“Let me see. Our crops are starting to grow. We should be able to trade grapes right now. And also tea leaves.”

The women gulped so loudly that it seemed to echo around us.
Her lips were visibly wet.

“A-and…oh, Killer Bird meat! It’s delicious!”

Now the women and the soldiers shouted dumbly.
They looked like ravenous beasts who were eyeing their prey. I felt like they were about to pounce on me.

“In-in any case, we have food! And so, why don’t we discuss trade? Of course, I do understand that things are desperate right now! And so we will cooperate with you.”

The woman wiped away the drool from her mouth and returned to her original, stern expression.
Then she shouted for the soldiers to return to their duty, before bowing her head.

“How rude of me. I am Alyssa. First princess of the Holy Country of Arancia. Please forgive my insolence earlier.”
“No, it’s we who should be sorry for jumping in like that.”

So this woman called Alyssa was part of this country’s royal family.
However, I would have expected royalty to wear heavier armor. Her sword was also unimpressive, and no different to what the other soldiers were using.

But judging from the state of this country, it was likely that even royalty were not able to live in luxury.

And so I told Alyssa about who we were, and about the gate.

“I see. The Temple of Silence… You answered Ogus’s call and came to our aid then.”
“Yes. Ogus said that he and Vanessa will go to the king and make a report.”
“Father… I should go as well. If it’s not too much trouble, will you not accompany me to the royal palace?”
“That’s what I meant to do. But Mappa…”

Mappa had vanished.
He would usually pop up somewhere after a battle, but this time he was nowhere to be found. And it didn’t seem like he had fallen off of the walls…

“Maybe we’ll have to attach a bell to him… Damn it.”

And then Fule said,

“I will go and find him. Besides, I still have to wake up Miss Karla. Taran, will you come back to us after carrying Lord Heal?”

Taran nodded with her whole body.

And then Rienna opened her mouth.

“I will stay here as well. It’s too much for one person…searching for Mappa, that is.”
“That’s true. But princess, don’t you have a lot of work to do concerning the food and other adjustments on the island?”

Fule was right. Rienna was the one who managed the food on the island. And she was the only one who knew how much we could spare.

Rienna looked worried as she said,

“Yes…you’re right. Then I will send Ashton and Haines to come and help you.”

Surely the Kobold brothers would have no trouble searching for Mappa.
After all, there was a possibility that Mappa had already returned to the island by himself.

“Understood. I’ll explore the area and search for the old man. So you can go.”
“Very well. I’ll leave it to you then.”

And so we left the search for Mappa to Fule, and headed for the palace of the Holy Country of Arancia.

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