Cave King – 154

Chapter 154 – Captured!?

The black tentacles that were nesting in the giant bee’s stomach were hit by the light that Mel unleashed, and then they vanished as if melting.

I turned to Mel.

“Me-Mel… What was that? Did you learn some new magic from the library?”
“Uh-uh… It was just like how I could fly all of a sudden…I can just do it now.”
“In other words, it was a power that you already possessed.”

I thought back on Elto’s words.
She had said that Mel was filled with magical ability. Even now, I could sense the shifting energy. Her potential with magic felt incredibly high.

As the egg had been mixed with fossils, and she was the only survivor, I had assumed there was something extraordinary about her, yet…

According to Baris, she did not have a crest. But it was still clear that she possessed some kind of hidden power.

Heath moved over to the giant bee and began to poke it in the stomach with her stinger as if to see if it was okay.

The giant bee then shuddered before turning its head to face Heath.

It didn’t seem like it was going to attack. However, it did seem very confused about what was happening. Heath was the only one it recognized, and it looked at her with flushed cheeks.

I suppose the black tentacles had made it lose its mind.

Heath smacked the giant bee’s face with her stinger and then came back to Mel and me and bowed her head.

It seemed like both a thank you and an apology.

“No, Heath. I’m just glad that he’s better now. But what about you? Were you hurt at all?”

Heath shook her head.

“I see. Well, that giant bee seems like he’s sorry too. So don’t worry about it.”

After the giant bee was let out of the net, he came up to me and bowed his head as well.

“Still, what is going on here? Is he your boyfriend, Heath?”

Erevan asked. Heath’s face turned red again and she shook her head furiously.

“We-well, you aren’t the best at telling lies… Still, that was a strange creature. Ominous and disgusting… Ah! It’s still alive.”

Erevan said with a look of horror.

A piece of the tentacles was hopping around on the ground.

Mappa started poking at it with a tree branch.

“Hey, Mappa! Get away! That thing is dangerous!”

Mappa looked at me and then nodded as if he understood.

However, something that looked like a mouth suddenly opened up as the tentacle attacked Mappa.


Mappa took out a glass vial from his waistcloth at a speed that the eye could barely follow. And then he trapped the tentacle inside of it.

The tentacle thrashed violently against the glass.
However, it was apparently made of Leviathan scales, and the tentacle could not make a scratch.

Erevan sighed with relief.

“Don’t scare me like that…”
“Still, what a catch. We might be able to learn about what it is now.”

And so I praised Mappa for a job well done.

Mappa looked like a child who was proud about the bug that he caught. And he went around and showed it to the other residents.

Well, he was, in fact, a child…

In any case, it was clear that this creature was dangerous. And so we would have to guard it carefully.

“We’ll have to inspect it for some time, and… Oh, I should talk to the giant bee.”

I said. And Baris said,

“Leave the creature to Aries and me. As for the giant bee…we will talk to him through Heath and make a report to you later.”

The giant bee might know something about the tentacles.
I had never seen a monster like that before… At the very least, it was not a monster that was native to the continent.

“That will be a big help. In that case, I’ll…make a house for the giant bee in the World Tree. I have a feeling that they will want to be together.”

The giant bee had been giving Heath a smoldering look for some time now.
Heath hadn’t looked at him again, but I was sure that they wouldn’t want to be apart.

I could tame him and build a house in the World Tree. Of course, it will be separate from Heath’s house…

And so I tamed the giant bee, calling him Garuda, and then I built him a nest.

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