Cave King – 155

Chapter 155 – We had a tea party!

“It’s sweet…”

The words naturally spilled from my mouth as I set the cup down on the table underneath the World Tree.

The flavor of the tea and honey spread throughout my mouth…it was amazing.
I had assumed it to be almost sickly sweet, but that was not the case. It wasn’t too strong. It had a refined taste that adults would enjoy.

The others were drinking the tea too, and they also had expressions of bliss.

“Hmm. I don’t usually care for sweetness in drinks, but this is exquisite.”

Baris said, and Erevan nodded.

“Aye…I thought it would be something for children, but it’s not bad at all.”
“Father. Why are you pretending that you didn’t always have a sweet tooth? You aren’t being very honest.”
“Shu-shut up! I’m just saying that it tastes good!”

Erevan retorted as Fule looked at him smugly.

She then turned away from her father and said in an impressed voice,

“Oh, but it really does taste delicious. It has the perfect balance…”
“It’s made from tea leaves from the World Tree and honey that Heath made from the tree sap. It is no surprise that it tastes good.”

Rienna said. And then Heath bowed her head modestly.

Part of it was because she was embarrassed by the praise, but she also hadn’t forgotten about the drunken state she was in earlier, and there was the whole affair with the giant bee, Garuda, that followed.
Garuda was without a doubt, an acquaintance of Heath…no, a very close friend.

Heath was frantically waving her arms as if to say something.

“I think…she’s saying that she’ll continue to make more honey? Thank you, Heath.”

I said, and Heath nodded.

“But it only needs to be a little. I’m worried that it might make you feel strange again.”

Heath pointed at the water. It seemed like she was insisting that she would be fine.

She could always ask her children or Garuda for help. That way, she wouldn’t suck in too much of the tree sap herself.

“Well, don’t push yourself too hard… Still, this is first-rate stuff. I’m sure that merchants who visit this island will like it. But…”

There was one thing I was still concerned about. The tentacles that had been wriggling in Garuda’s stomach.

One of the pieces was currently being kept in a room in the cave.

“Baris. Were you able to learn anything from talking to Garuda?”
“Yes. Apparently, Garuda had come here in order to look for an old friend, Heath…”

As soon as he said this, Heath covered her face with her wing.
Garuda also looked a little bashful.

“However, as he flew through the blue, northern sky, everything suddenly turned as black as night. And it was then that he lost consciousness… It was only after we removed the tentacles that he finally regained his consciousness.”

Garuda nodded as Baris explained.

“I see. So he was being controlled by the tentacles.”
“Yes. However, even while he was being controlled, he saw Heath in a dream…where she was doing the courtship dance…”
“I see…”

Heath began to poke Garuda in annoyance.

So…that strange dance she had been doing was a courtship dance.
And Garudo’s instincts had guided him here. That was impressive…

“Still, a black sky, eh…?”

To be attacked by tentacles while flying in the sky…I had never heard of such a thing happening, and knew of no monsters that could be responsible.

However, I had sensed immense magic energy from Garuda, and the tentacles had been the source of it. There was no mistaking that they were incredibly dangerous.

As for the black sky that appeared during the day…
Could that be related to the Devil Hoppers that we saw before?

“…Baris. As for this tentacle, it must be kept under strict supervision. And if there is any change to it at all, I need to know about it immediately.”
“I understand. I will ask Mappa to increase the durability of the room. And I will also have Golems guard the door.”
“I’m counting on you. I have a bad feeling about this…”

It was possible that I was just being paranoid…

However, the prophecy that my father talked about came to mind.

The prophecy of the end of the world… No, surely it couldn’t be true.

However, when I looked north, in the direction of the continent, I felt an unease in my chest.

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  1. So Heath was doing a courtship dance and Garuda is the hapless childhood friend that never ends up with their love interest.

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