Jack of all Trades – 368

Treasure Hunt, Not Much Excitement

We left the Karma’s room and went straight back to where the path split into two.

“I suppose we should start here then.”
“Got it.”

There was nothing to worry about now that we had permission. And so I walked in the lead. Exploration. Exploration.

That being said, this was an ancient elven ruin. It looked exactly like all of the other ones. Just a plain hallway that went on and on. This wasn’t exploration at all. Still, there was something about this ancient technology that appealed to me. It was both old and futuristic. Science fiction.

After walking for some time, we came upon a door. We knew it was a door, because the lines in the walls glowed in the shape of one.

“We should try it.”

I nodded and stood in front of it. And then the door opened automatically.

When I looked inside, I saw a single box. It reminded me of when we found the Appraisal Glasses.

“Hurry up and open it.”
“Aren’t you even a little cautious?”
“I am an elf. There is no way that I would be caught in any ancient elf traps.”

I didn’t know where that confidence was coming from, but she moved forward and touched the box without hesitation. And then the lines on the floor glowed as they stretched towards the box. There was a click and the lid opened a little.

Daniela then raised the lid, exposing its contents. I looked over her shoulder.

“…Is that…a short sword…?”
“I have never seen something so black.”

It was darker than my Black Emperor Sword. It was like a sword made of pure shadows. As if it sucked in all light. There were two of them inside.

I took out my Appraisal Glasses from the hollow bracelet and fixed my eyes on the short swords.

‘Three-bladed Sword of Everlasting Darkness – A shortsword with three blades and the dark attribute. Two as one. The blades are made of the lost dark ore.’

Huhuhuh. This was quite the catch!

“It’s a shortsword made of dark ore… Why was it just lying here…”
“The dark attribute, huh? That was said to be lost. I suppose this is for Rindo then.”

That’s true. Manager received the dark attribute when she came here.
I was still jealous of that.

And now we were going to freely pass on this incredibly rare weapon… Well, I suppose it was a good gift for someone who got the key for us. Especially since she was angry at me. Two birds with one stone?

“You look like you are plotting something.”
“Hehe. I just feel a little safer now, that’s all.”

And so it was with a very mischievous face that I put the swords away in the hollow bracelet. Yes, this was a great find.

□   □   □   □

After that, we looked through several other rooms and found treasures. They were swords, armor and magic tools that the ogres had left behind.

However, none of the armor was wearable for me.

After all, they were clearly for someone much larger than a human.

“I didn’t realize that ogres were that big.”
“Indeed. Well, we can still sell them at the auction house.”
“Yeah, nobles like buying things they can’t even use.”

It was armor, but we could do nothing but sell it. That was unexpected.

However, everything else was very useful. I found a sword that was perfect.

‘Two-edged Light of Dawn – Greatsword. Made by ogres with the lost light ore.’

Yes, it was just as rare as the blade I was giving to Rindo. I didn’t even know that light ore existed. I was careful to check and make sure that it wasn’t cursed. And it wasn’t. The fact that it was a mysterious blade made by ogres had me worried for a second, but I suppose the elves had kept it for a reason.

“We can use this blade to lure in Yasushi.”
“It will be great to have an actual Hero on our side. Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

We plotted while making our way through the different rooms. When we were finished, we headed back to the exit. It had really been a fruitful time. While we had been out for a while, Levee would understand.

After all, we had found the ogre treasure.

‘Ogre gate vajra – Thunderrain. Swing it to make rain fall and moisten the soil. Throw it to kill enemies with lightning. Secret treasure of the ogres.’

It reminded me of some kind of Buddhist tool. And since it was related to lightning, I thought that she should have it. Could this thing really call forth lightning and… It sounded pretty dangerous.

Regardless, you wouldn’t have to worry about droughts if you had this. That meant you could prevent a famine. The food situation would be stable. But then again, she might just put it up for auction…hmm. Who knows what would happen. It made you think.

“Just give it to her and let her think about it. I am sure she is at least smart enough to understand what kind of chaos selling it might cause.”
“It’s not an exaggeration to say that this could save the world… Alright, I’ll keep my promise.”

We had given our word. So, the rest would be her responsibility.

“Ah, there is the door. Thankfully, nothing bad happened this time.”
“Oh, right. I better get ready before we step out.”

There was still toxic gas out there. And I had to pick up Daniela.

“…Alright. The magic is up.”
“I’m fine too. Let’s go.”

And so we stepped out of the door. While it had stayed open after we entered, it closed slowly when we left. I didn’t know if anyone would ever step foot inside again. Maybe in a few hundred years…

Once I saw that it was closed completely, I used Legs of the God Wolf to slowly ascend. It hadn’t been long, it was a fun little adventure. Our next destination was Erediares. A place that was supposed to be very cold. So we would be saying goodbye to this heat. Well, I didn’t actually feel it, thanks to the magic.

“Ah, Mister Asagi!”

I raised my head when I heard her voice. Levee’s head poked over the edge as she waved. Had she been waiting there all of this time? It seemed kind of dangerous to be perched up there.

“Sorry it took so long.”
“No, you returned much earlier than I expected. You were exploring through an ancient ruin, after all.”

That was true. We had finished exploring an unknown ruin in just a day.

I put Daniela down and deactivated Legs of the God Wolf. Then I stretched my limbs as we descended the mountain.

“Using Legs of the God Wolf and other magic at the same time is kind of tiring.”
“You have not done that much before. It cannot be helped.”

In the past, I had used things like Ice Sword at the same time. But it was quite different to have a shield activated like this. Still, I suppose Jack of all Trades, Master of None made it a lot easier than it could be.

Regardless, I understood how to use it now. It will be easier to activate magic during a fight, if I have to. I wondered when that would be…

“So, how were the ruins?”
“Not terrible. There was much to be gained.”
“And the ogre treasure?”
“…We have it.”

Levee stopped to look at Daniela. We were still hesitant.

“…So, that is what it can do. I am sure you can imagine what could happen if word got out.”
“What an astonishing thing!”
“Yeah… Even I’m pretty scared about it.”
“Haa… I don’t think I want to take care of that. Look, don’t you have anything else?”
“Oh, we have quite a lot. Asagi.”
“Yeah, yeah.”

As we were back in our camp, I took out a blanket from the hollow bracelet, and lined up the various items I thought that Levee might be interested in.

Magic tools and swords, mostly. I didn’t bring back too much armor, as they were ridiculously big. The ones that I did take looked like very traditional ogre armor, that I thought we could sell if we ever needed money.

“Is this sword also made by ogres?”
“Yeah. Let me see… ‘Short sword, Thin Ice – Made from pure ice ore by ogres. The blade freezes anything it touches.’ …Apparently. Isn’t that perfect for you?”
“No, anything but a rapier goes against my beliefs. But then again, perhaps it is necessary to learn a few new tricks now.”

Levee said as she picked up Thin Ice and unsheathed it. The naked blade went from dark blue to freezing white in a flash. If you touched it by accident, it would probably peel your skin right off…horrifying.

“It looks more like something used to freeze…rather than cut. Still, I just love the idea of freezing something after I have stabbed it.”
“What a freak…”

Levee seemed to be in love with the blade already. Daniela looked very put off. Well, it’s not like we didn’t know.

“Is there anything else you want from the pile?”
“Oh, how generous of you.”
“Well, there is a lot. We’d have a hard time making use of it all.”
“Asagi, you reek of poverty when you talk like that.”
“Shut up.”

I was well aware of that.

Levee inspected the items and asked questions about the ones that caught her interest. After a while, she made her decision.

‘Ice Barrier Tool – A magic tool that uses ice ore to make barriers. Freezes those who come near.’
‘Hidden Blade, Ice Needle – A bracelet that creates an ice needle when you send magic to it.’
‘Blue Hawk Wing Armor – Armor sealed with the power of the blue hawk. As it is made of wings, it is light like cloth.’

By the way, the blue hawk was apparently the strongest hawk type monster. Clothes that were like armor. Levee looked very pleased. It was no surprise. If she still had any complaints, I’d tell her to go and get her own treasure.

“Well then, I’ll take these three.”
“Aye, they suit you. Especially that feather armor.”
“I agree. I am quite moved to have acquired something I am sure to wear for a long time. Thank you.”

Yes, it was rare to find something that felt like it was made for you. It was not something you’d let go of easily. Just like me and this Gleipnir.

“Well, now that that is settled. We should leave.”
“Yes, there’s nothing left to do here. Let’s go down at once.”
“Legs of the God Wolf…was it?”

I would have liked to use Godspeed, but that was just for one person. If I did use it with someone else, it would require advanced wind magic. And so I would just use Legs of the God Wolf this time.

“Alright, Daniela…”
“I will be in the back this time.”
“Really? …If you say so. Levee. This is a one time thing.”

Levee looked puzzled, but then she saw Daniela get on my back and that I had my arms spread open. Then she looked a little embarrassed.

It wasn’t my ideal, but it was the only way. Unlike me, Daniela seemed to be rather nice when it came to her rivals… A part of me wanted her to be a little more possessive, but there was no going against her stance.

“Come on, hurry.”
“Oh, uh, yes!”

The crazy war junkie with the icy eyes looked girlish and bashful as she jumped into my arms. It was kind of cute. If you ignored all the parts of her that weren’t. Yes, it could be straight out of a romantic comedy. Well, maybe all of her little quirks would just make the story more interesting…

“Hurry up. If you take any more time I will have to start poking you in the back.”
“What happened to being lenient?”
“Master Asagi…Master Asagi…Master Asagi…Ma…”
“Damn it…I’m surrounded by monsters…!”

As I was being assaulted on both sides, I activated Legs of the God Wolf. It was harder to control your skills when you were in mental turmoil. However, it was a matter of life and death, and so I did my best. Seriously, I would never allow this to happen again.

But I pushed those emotions aside, and headed straight for Relcul.

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