Jack of all Trades – 226

To the Craftsmen District


“You have your own strengths, Asagi. Your knowledge of another world is important. But there are things that were forbidden over there. You have not built up much resistance. But, you have improved a lot recently.”


Once that debate was over, we talked about what to do next. Knowledge of another world…

To be honest, I had been using quite a lot of it…but maybe not as much as I’d thought. I mean, I was just a clerk after all.


“I myself have lived longer than most people. But I was just living. It is somewhat embarrassing, but I have honestly not experienced much.”

“What? You clearly have a lot of knowledge.”

“Heh. It is because I am old. And what I know has not helped us much.”


She said self-deprecatingly. But I had been helped by her wisdom many times. I’ve said it before, but the thought of what would have happened if I were alone sent shivers down my spine.


“So, I will leave the insane strategies to you, Asagi. But if you end up hurting yourself through them, leave it to me. I will know how to treat you.”

“Uh…I’ll do that.”


Damn it. She was such a gentleman. Sometimes I felt like I relied on her too much. But there was nothing I could say if she insisted we were ‘helping each other.’ It just meant that I needed to do a little more to help her. We’re a party. A team.


We talked about this together as we lay on our bed. It was already midnight.

There was nothing to do now but sleep, but Daniela seemed to have something else on her mind….


“So, about this treatment.”

“What are you…”

“It is obvious. Both the mind and body must be taken care of.”


Daniela licked her lips as she straddled me. I get it. That kind of treatment.


“…Hehe. And something tells me your body wants some attention.”

“Aren’t you forgetting my mind?”


A part of my body reacted under her touch, and I wrapped my arms around her as she chuckled. And so I was treated very well that night.

  □   □   □   □


The next morning, I was able to wake up quite refreshed, in spite of the rather simple remedy Daniela had administered. And so I mused philosophically about just how easy I was as I got out of bed.

There was a bathing room where I washed myself and then brushed my teeth. The military had supplied us with items that we were to use freely.


I realized then that I hadn’t brought my clothes with me, and so I walked out of the bathing room and went to search in my bag. I would wear casual clothes that I could wear under my new armor… Ahhh!


“What!? Huh!?”

“…Hmm. You look very surprised.”

“Daniela. Did you just lick my butt?”

“It was pointed right at me…”

“I was getting changed, you idiot.”


Was she half asleep…? Well, she sure looked like it. Damn it. You could never let your guard down.


I wiped myself with a towel and got changed. Daniela seemed to finally wake up once the table and food came out. And so she climbed lazily out of bed. Then she went to take a bath, and so I waited for her.


We ate breakfast once Daniela came out and looked refreshed. Today, it was sandwiches with meat and vegetables. We ate our food and washed it down with water while making plans for the day.


“This is the day that my armor will finally be complete. So I’m going to go and pick it up. What about you?”

“Indeed… I will tag along then.”


She said with a gentle smile. So we’d be together today. I was happy about that and smiled before finishing the rest of my sandwich.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. What happened to getting an armor for Daniela?

    She wasn’t able to get one done in Usk. I don’t think they found a blacksmith that can handle the material since then.

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