Jack of all Trades – 226


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We left word that we were leaving the lodging facility and then traveled to the merchant district to the east. It was easy enough from the west district, which was very convenient.

There were lots of craftsmen who made clothes and armor in the east district, and they all competed over whose output was of the best quality. It was also quite noisy. Obviously, you had the sounds of banging iron and angry shouting. But it was more boasting than any actual hatred.

They all went out drinking together at night when their shops had been closed.


And so that was why the place was so lively. Another thing that was true, was that I would get caught up in something when I was only there to fetch my clothes.


“Hey-hey-hey! What’s a little pipsqueak like you doing in this neighborhood!”

“Turn around and beat it!”

“Get out of here!”


These Adventurers seemed to be in a bad mood. As for the armor…not bad. I didn’t care for how shiny and extravagant it was. Monsters would see it from a mile away. And this guy would probably cry if the metal got scratched. Perhaps he was so confident he wouldn’t be hit!? What if he was that strong…


“Get out of Lord Goz’s sight! He’s a B-Ranker!”

“Oh… Just a B-Ranker.”


I shouldn’t have worried…


“Let’s go, Daniela.”


As our business was finished, we passed by ‘Lord Goz’ and entered the merchant district.


But then someone grabbed my shoulder.


“Hey. That’s not where you should be going. Are you doing this on purpose?”

“You’re not allowed in there, small fry!”


While I wasn’t in pain, it was annoying. I suppose we would have to talk to them. And so I looked over my shoulder at this Lord Goz.


“Uh, why would I need permission to go in there?”

“Huh!? Because I am the greatest Adventurer here. Iron Hammer Goz!”

“Have you heard of him, Daniela?”


“Ha! You country scum. We’ll have to beat it into you then!”


Goz’s right hand clamped down on my shoulder as his left made a fist and swung towards me. But his grip wasn’t tight enough to make me immobile. And so I easily freed myself, turned, and kicked him in the side of the head.

His lips seemed to kiss the dirt passionately as he slid across the ground. The others looked at me dumbly.


“So, do I have permission now?”



One thing I liked about having worked at a convenience store, was that I had the best customer service smile.

And I had one of the largest ones on my face as I stared them down.


“Maybe you should go and see how he’s doing. There’s a lot of blood.”



They looked like they had seen a ghost as they ran towards Lord Goz. They tried to pick him up and escape, but his armor was so heavy that they had to drag him. His armor would not look pretty after that.


“Hahhh. Let’s go then.”

“Asagi. You really must wear better clothes.”

“That again! I’ve had enough of that argument!”

“You have to ensure that people stop underestimating you. Or you someone will die, eventually.”


The self-proclaimed fashion leader continued her lecture as we went to accept my clothes. It was like torture. We had drawn attention at first, but the spectators lost interest when the match was settled, and they all returned to their work. Which was good for us. Craftsmen were different like that.


We continued on our way amidst the clamor of banging metal until we came out into a calmer area. This was where those who specialized in tailoring sold their goods. It wasn’t that blacksmiths and tailors didn’t get along. In fact, it was very important that they made their products compatible. But the constant clamor of the smithies made it hard to concentrate, and so they worked separately. I heard all of this from one person I befriended, so clearly it was all very true.

There were assemblies every month where they talked about recent trends, shared research and drank, along with other forms of recreation.



“Ah, you’re here, Asagi!”


It was the craftswoman Amarilith, of the ‘Solitude Clothing Store’ that had explained this to me, and it was she who now greeted me and Daniela.

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