Jack of all Trades – 227

Silvergreen’s New Equipment


The store was filled with all kinds of cloths of varying colors, sizes and materials. On the large tables and small tables alike. It looked rather messy, but I knew from experience, that this was on the better end when it came to craftsmen. They turned into ferocious devils at the mere suggestion that they should tidy up.

This was what it should look like to them.


But it still had to be said. It was pretty much disgusting.


“Is it ready?”

“Most satisfactorily!”


Amarilith was the woman who ran this store by herself. Apparently, she had run the place with her parents once upon a time, but their irreconcilable differences, in clothing, that is, was the reason for their separation. I didn’t really get it, and that seemed like a good thing.


“Oh, and who is this pretty visitor?”

“Daniela. She’s my partner.”

“I am Daniela. It is a pleasure.”

“The pleasure is all mine! Hehehe… Oh, but you do have the most beautiful clothes…!”


Daniela’s clothes were from the White Lily. She often wore it with other clothes, creating different interesting combinations.


“I think so as well. I suppose I dressed up because Asagi was so excited about today.”

“Brilliant! That is rather adorable. And it looks amazing on you!”


Amarilith really did like praising people. Well, people who weren’t me, it seemed. She actually seemed to snort in my direction.


“Miss Amarilith, the clothes.”

“Oh, oh yes! Come this way!”


Miss Amarilith pushed desks and chairs away as she made a path for us. It made it all the more strange that she didn’t think a cleanup was in order.


After some time, we made it to the back of the store. Here, things were a little cleaner. The area near the entrance was probably where she worked, while this place was for storage. There were lots of drawers and cases. In the center of the room, my clothes were displayed on a mannequin torso. The room was illuminated by a magic lamp that hung from the ceiling. My old clothes were also displayed right next to the new ones. And so I could compare them.




I could not help myself from letting out a sigh. The clothes maintained that jade color. However, in spite of the shine and smoothness of it, I could see that they were very durable. The shape was mostly the same as my old wind dragon set. However, it was superior in almost every way.


“Your suit was quite amazing, Mister Asagi. But I’ve brushed up the design a little. I especially liked the embroidery on your waist mantle. While not extravagant, it was detailed and beautiful.”


As for the new mantle, well the poncho as well, they both had detailed embroidery on the edges.


“That embroidery was actually finished in one night.”


I was reminded of Kyuna, from the old Paw shop. They were very similar in a way.


“What… Are you joking? That? In one night?”

“Yes. It was just supposed to be on the poncho and trousers at first, but then she said that ‘it looked unbalanced,’ and so she made that the night before giving it to me.”

“What the…that is crazy…”


Well, she was probably the best in Lambrusen.


“It was the Paw Clothes and Accessories Shop in Lambrusen. You should visit them sometime.”

“Yes, I will do that! …But enough about that. Let me show you the new clothes.”


She chuckled with a look of embarrassment. I couldn’t help but smile.


“Now! Your poncho, waist mantle, and torn up trousers. I decided to keep what I liked about them but also change their designs where I saw fit. These are made of wind dragon materials, after all. This set in itself will offer you an AGI boost. However, there is something I have made in addition.”


Miss Amarilith took out a case and removed a shirt from it. 


“Hehe. Are you surprised? This is for you. I had the wind dragon cloth dyed and weaved.”


Indeed, the shirt was not jade…or emerald green. Darker. But not indigo either.


“I thought it would go well with your white armor. In spite of the color, this is wind dragon material. It will raise your AGI.”

“So, how much faster will I be in the end?”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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