Jack of all Trades – 61

Choosing a Quest

“Asagi. I feel as if I know just what you are thinking right now.”


Daniela says quietly. I look up and stare into her face.


“But I have no intention of letting you go. I will allow you to have no one else but me. You are the only one who is in my heart. And so, I hope that I alone will reside in yours.”


She looked so cool when she became this serious. It made me feel all the worse. I’ve been disappointed in myself lately. My resolve should have been stronger. Fiona’s tears should have no bearing on my decision to choose Daniela. And there was no use being glum about what happened.


“I’m sorry. I’m fine now.”

“Perhaps I said that a little harshly.”

“No, it’s good. You’ve been helping me a lot lately.”

“Do not worry. It is was I want.”


I slowly take her hand and squeeze it. She smiles happily. We would both cherish each other…that would be the most ideal thing. I felt deeply, that I must care for her more, and treasure her.


□ □ □ □


Well, we couldn’t act so gloomy forever. We came here to go on an adventure. And so it was off to the quest board.


“Let’s see here…”


There was a large variety of quests pinned to the board. Over fifty in all. That’s the city for you. It was completely different compared to Fhiraldo.


“‘Grass wolf extermination’, ‘Wanted: person to talk to’, ‘Kobold extermination’, ‘Lost pet’, ‘Pest extermination’…there are so many here. It’s kind of hard to choose.”

“Hmm, we definitely want one of the extermination variety. You want to test your equipment, do you not?”

“Well, yeah.”


We could kill some grass wolves, or fight some kobolds for the first time…hmm, what to do…


“Oh? Is that Asagi’s back I see!?”

“Hmm? Who?”


I turned around only to find myself facing a wall. When did the guild house become so crammed? I wonder as I look to the side, but there is no one there. That’s strange, I felt like someone was talking to me…


“As I said, I ain’t no wall!”



I looked up towards the voice and saw the adventuring wall, Pinzoro.


“Haha, that was a joke.”

“Bah, you looked real baffled when you turned to the side just now…”

“Fussing over such things will likely make you go bald.”

“I wouldn’t want that!!”


Daniela laughed as Pinzoro’s hand went protectively to his hair.


“Hello, Pinzoro.”

“Oi, you look well. I’ve heard all about it. You killed a wyvern.”

“With Rex and the others. I just put it down at the very end.”


Hearing this, Pinzoro laughed loudly. It seemed sincere enough, but had I actually said anything funny?


“Ku..kk…ss..sorry! But I happened to be free at the time you see, and I went with the guards who retrieved the wyvern parts. That carnage I saw was something else.”

“Quit with the rubbernecking…it’s embarrassing!”

“Kahahahah! Ah, but there were others there too, you know? After all, the guards of the western gate could not shut up about it. Another wyvern? I asked, and they say, bingo! Word spread quickly and all the bored adventurers came to see what had happened!”


Well then, that means people who actually saw it were spreading somewhat accurate rumors this time…? I hated that immensely. The kind of stories that would reach people like the clerk of the Paw Armor Shop were exaggerated, but the those in the world of adventuring would know the truth? What could be worse? I wanted to live quietly.


“Damn it…these Adventurers…”

“Asagi, we are Adventurers as well.”



Well, I deserved that glare from Daniela. She was right of course, and I had nothing to refute her with.



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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