Jack of all Trades – 60

Pandemonium. High AGI Won’t Help Me Here.

“It’s been a while, Asagi. Miss Daniela.”


Well, this was awkward.


Wrath. Her expression was wrath itself. It was one of the seven deadly sins, and she let it flow through her as she stood menacingly in front of us. She was shorter than me, and yet somehow I felt like I was looking up towards her. Was it because I was ashamed of something? I couldn’t be…There was no way.


“Yes, it’s been a while, Miss Fiona.”

“You sound a little stiff?”

“Sorry, I’m not the best talker.”

“Ignoring that unfortunate flaw, why are you two stuck together?”


Her voice was no different from how it always was. But there were hidden barbs behind every word…or not. If anything, they were very visible and turned me into a pin cushion. Even Daniela, who was stubborn and fearless now slowly removed herself from my arm.


“We will borrow the drawing room for a minute.”

“A minute, what? What are you going to do?”

“Come on, let us go.”

“Hey, wait a minute, aaahh…”


Fiona grabbed my empty arm and pulled me towards the back of the guild house. I couldn’t even make her let go. Was she using magic?

Daniela was holding my other hand. I nearly stumbled as I was being pulled forward, but when I looked behind me, it wasn’t the shy Daniela that was there. It was Master Daniela, her stern face showed that she was prepared for battle. If she had this resolve…well, I needed to follow suit. Though, I had not expect such a scene right before going on a new adventure.


□ □ □ □


The three of us entered the drawing room. Fiona sat in front of us. Daniela was sitting next to me with her back straight. The leather sofa was pretty comfortable, I have to say. Though it did make your back feel damp That’s what I don’t like about leather. I wasn’t even sweating but my back was getting wet.




Fiona’s seemed composed now as she looked at me, then at Daniela, and then me again. Her eyes were demanding that she be given an explanation.


“Um, it’s a long story but…”

“There is no need for that.”


Daniela cut me off.


Then she took me by the chin and turned my head. The kiss was almost violent.





My muffled moans, Fiona’s shock, and Daniela’s breathing echoed in the room.




When our mouths finally parted, Daniela’s hot breath blew on my lips, and her glass-like eyes stared into mine. Then she wrapped an arm around my neck, pulled me closer and unleashed a declaration of victory over Fiona.


“This our relationship now. Perhaps we should have told you sooner, Fiona.”



Fiona’s face was red, and it wasn’t from embarrassment. She glared at me sharply. I gently put a hand on Daniela’s thin, graceful arm and lowered it.


“I know it would have been more proper for me to tell you directly… I shouldn’t rely on Daniela so much. But your glare was just so intimidating.”


“I’m sorry. I love Daniela. Even if you say that you want me, I would choose Daniela.”


Fiona’s eyes moved back and forth between us. Then she took in a deep breath and sighed.


“Well… It is not your fault that I was just trying to marry into some money. Perhaps it was because I was all talk and never acted on it…”


Daniela and I listened quietly to Fiona’s monologue.


“But, I truly did want to become friends, you know? You were at least more appealing than the ruffians and drunkards of Fhiraldo, and you were pleasant to talk with. While there was not anything much between us, it was stimulating and fun. Was it not?”



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. lol well i do feel for Fiona but she said it herself she just fucked around playing with the gold digger stuff (or whatever she truly said in Japanese) anyways it’s also Author-kuns fault cuz for some reason since the beginning MC-san kept a distance from her for some reason.

    Anyways Daniela doesn’t fuck around that was what you would call a majestic face slap in a chinese novel well done.

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