Jack of all Trades – 60


Fiona chuckled to herself through a somewhat troubled expression. Daniela nodded.


“I too found it fun to be with Asagi. But I was not so restrained as you, perhaps.”


There was something that Daniela had told me once.


‘I am no good at understanding my true feelings. But when I do, I rush straight ahead without looking. Opportunities will be missed if you rest on your laurels because of your life-span.’


And true to those words, she had become an important part of me with the ferocity of a whirlwind. I knew that I could no longer live without her.


“You should act once you have an objective. An important trick to life, if you will. I believe that I gave in to such restraint so much throughout my life. I will tell you this, Fiona. I lost my family in a dragon stampede. After that, I was but a lone elf, traveling the world, but with my heart closed shut. But Asagi helped me change. Once I understood this, there was no one who could stop me. Not you, not Asagi, not even myself. Now I am with him. And I have no intention of letting him go.”


Fiona listened to this quietly. There was no sadness in her expression.


“I see… In other words, I am no match for you. I had thought to slowly get closer, but I was already too late by then… Hmm, alright! I think I understand my own feelings now. Yes, I am fine now!”


Fiona said with a laugh. I wasn’t sure what to do then. I had really not been in a position like this before. My days with Daniela were the color of roses, but this was somewhat sad and cast a shadow over it. I wanted to be there for people who loved me. But what if there were two of them? It was not something I had ever considered.


“So, that is settled then! …Asagi, do not look so sad.”


“Oh, look at you. You look close to tears!”


No, I didn’t. There was no reason for me to cry here. However, thinking about Fiona’s feelings did give me mixed emotions. And there was something about that that was sad.


“I am happy that you feel that way, Asagi. But this is my problem and not something that you need to be worried about. It is enough that you care.”


Fiona said with a brave smile, which somehow made me pity her even more. But clearly, this was also bordering on patronizing. She was strong enough, and my pity was insulting if anything. And so I took Daniela’s hand and stood up.


“Alright. Let’s go then.”



We opened the door of the drawing room and went out. Fiona remained in her seat without moving an inch.





I don’t look back, but I could hear a slight tremble in Fiona’s voice. I told her how I felt.


“See you later.”


Things wouldn’t change. Maybe we stood on different ground now, but I had promised to be friends with her. It didn’t need to end like this. Maybe I was being self-indulgent. But even if she refused the offer, I would not go back on my word.


“Yes…! See you!”


When I did turn around, she had a smile that seemed brighter than usual. There were tears in her eyes, but she was still smiling.


I slowly close the door. All sound was shut off now. The whole guild house seemed quiet. I was sure that things would be back to normal when I saw her next. She would be the energetic and overly familiar guild worker. I, the stubborn Adventurer. Maybe Fiona’s friend, who I liked, would be next to her then. All of those who had been with me as we were chased on the plains will be my comrades forever. We would always be together, I somehow knew.


“Let’s go, Daniela.”

“Aye, Asagi.”


I tightly held the hand of the one I loved. She too held me tight. That was enough to increase my heart rate.


And yet, I still felt sad.

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  1. That was anticlimactic… it was resolved too quickly and she gave up too easily. There should be a declaration that she won’t give up, or that if she can’t be wife, then she’ll be imouto.

  2. I admire the author for not doing a harem right from the start. Women (unfortunately) don’t have a habit of fawning over a person they like, let alone once they’re in a relationship with someone else. Even back in the day, only influential people with wealth and status had multiple wives, and that was mostly out of necessity for connections. People are selfish creatures in that once the have something/someone the cherish they would not share it, risking losing it/them.

    • Not true. There is a reason why polygamy was a norm in most society for the longest time in history. It’s one of those “if you could, you would” situation. I know plenty of friends who have multiple lovers, and their lovers are all aware of each other. Some people are just very attractive/successful in that way due to their capabilities and charisma. We often like to deny it, but at the end of the day, we are animals, and some animals do form harems.

  3. Wait a minute. Isn’t this supposed to be a Japanese Isekai webnovel? Since when are male MCs engaging in real, meaningful romance, and then declaring their intent to be faithful to one woman, even face to face with other women? No waffling, or weaseling, and the other woman actually accepts his decision like an adult?! I’m not sure if I’m impressed of feel cheated.

  4. So, how many chapters before one of the two decides to go night crawling into his bed to either usurp the other or cement their own position with him?

    • I’m betting both will do so at the same time in… three chapters. They’ll all accept a harem being a thing in seven or eight, after Fiona says she’d be fine with being his mistress in four, main Waifu says fine to that in six, and he gets over being unfaithful a chapter or two later. They’ll have a threesome offscreen in nine, to celebrate chapter 69. Wait, that’d work better as a 1-on-1… W/E.

      (Chronological version below)

      1ch: Something happens
      2ch: Something happens, they spend another night in this town
      3ch: both crawl into his bed
      4ch: morning, Fiona says she won’t lose
      5ch: Daniela goes on a date with Asagi
      6ch: She decides she doesn’t need him to love her and her alone
      7ch: Fiona and Asagi learn of her decision
      8ch: Asagi takes Fiona on as Waifu number 2
      9ch: Bedtime, and a true threesome?

  5. ah~ I wish more Isekai novels could learn from this one, the romance feels real, his relationships with everyone else FEELS genuine, the people he talks to and interect with don’t just feel like cardboard cutout NPC’s your going to forget in three chapters. I wish more novels I read in general were like this.
    thanks for the chapter~

  6. This… Turned too plain. I hope it’s not the case with future updates. I wanna read something that’s not an equivalent of cheap tv romance series but also hoping for the author to keep the non-harem intact….

    Tall order.

    Tho Fiona is indeed pitiable. What, “marry into money” was put as front, if so then she needs to be more demanding, more slutty. The fact that she takes it slow means she feels somewhat shy to take direct approach and… Eh she’s a tsundere so you know the rest.

  7. He literally had no reason to have romantic interest in her other than looks, and no reason to feel guilty. She literally clung to him as a self proclaimed gold digger. And as a person with modern standards and a gf this played out how it should. Him rejecting her. Good chapter. Dont feel guilty Asagi. You have someone 100x better right next to you.

  8. Thanks for the chapter, well this is a welcome change, the relationship is monogamus and he was clear about his feeling with the other party. Well done Sir.

  9. I don’t care about who Asagi will end up with. Just give poor Fiona a good ending. 🙁 It doesn’t matter if this novel will become a harem as long as the story is good, right? Even Daniela’s route looks pretty… plain, so making another woman happy isn’t a bad thing to do, no? 🙁 I don’t need any of these sad sh*t.

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