Jack of all Trades – 59

Silvergreen’s Equipment

A week passed. A week passed. It bears repeating. Romancing with Daniela had made the time fly by really quickly. We lived off of the money I had made from Lord Wyvern, and then the week was over before we knew it. As for specifics, it will be omitted here, as it is private. What I will say, is that Daniela was very cute. That is all.


Well, perhaps a week full of romancing was enough to help Daniela calm down. Because we no longer moved arm in arm all around town, and she no longer refused to leave my room after returning to the inn. We were now used to the reality, I guess. I tended to feel bashful at times, so a little distance made me feel better. I suppose she must have been very lonely all those years by herself. I understood that feeling too, to an extent. Working at night put you in contact with lots of customers, but your interactions were only on the surface. I would smile good-naturedly to complaints and give the answers written in the manual. And I could only bow and apologize to customers who were drunk and angry. Even my interactions with the other workers there were just ‘good morning’ and ‘goodbye.’ There wasn’t much opportunity to make friends when you woke up at night and slept during the day. Ultimately, what I had met was store robber and that was it. It made me wonder who was really the happier during this past week.

But, just thinking about the happy days ahead of us brought a smile to my face. It made me want to bury my face into the pillow and flail my legs. I consider doing just that, as my buried face smells the scent of her hair. I really couldn’t help how it had an effect on me.




I would lose myself in that scent. The scent of someone you loved.


And so it also couldn’t be helped that I didn’t notice that I was late in meeting up with Daniela for a trip to the armor store.

I didn’t even realize that the door had opened.


“Ahh, ahh, Daniela…”


“Ah, ahhh…!”


The sudden voice forced me to pull my face out of the pillow. Daniela was standing in front of me with a forced smile.


“Le-let me explain…”

“That is not necessary. I know. I know.”


“I will give you ten more minutes…no, you will likely only need five. Meet me in front of the inn in five minutes.”

“Wait! Daniela!”


I could not persuade her, and Daniela shut the door and left. But what did she mean by five minutes? In any case, I better get dressed and go after her…

I got dressed in five minutes and left the room.


□ □ □ □


“Hmm, right on time.”

“Um, Miss Daniela.”

“Let us go then.”


Apparently, she was not going to listen to me today, and no matter what subject I brought up on our way to the store, she brushed them aside. Just when I was feeling incredibly defeated, we arrived at the Paw Armor Shop. We went inside and down to the back. We were now very familiar with the place.



“Ahh, Asagi. It is ready for you.”


We were led to a room in the farthest back. And there, in a security case, was my lovely set or armor.




The hooded poncho made of magical fibers from a green wind dragon. The trousers. The waist mantle. The chest armor made of platinum scales and black iron from an ice dragon. The gauntlets. Leg guards. It was a beauty.


“A set worthy of the name ‘Silvergreen’!”


It was true. Ultimately, this set had those very colors in them. Though, it was a complete coincidence.


“Will you try it on here?”

“Of course.”


And so I borrowed the changing room and put on the new set of armor. The leather armor had served me well for a long time. It was a pre-owned set that had been sold at an armor shop. Leather really was quite durable. It had sentimental value to me, so I decided to keep it in the hollow bag for now. This was part of my origin. Even my old iron sword was kept in there. And though I had lost the tip of the steel sword, I kept the blade and the sheath. I just found it difficult to throw things away.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Welp we’ve all been there Asagi don’t sweat it there are some girls that really just leave behind fantastic scents.
    Anyways i guess they’ve slept together? if his pillow has her scent.

  2. “I will give you ten more minutes…no, you will likely only need five.”

    No wonder why Daniella stopped being clingy just right after a week lolol

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