Jack of all Trades – 71

Farewell, Spiris

“Hmm, mmmm, I see. Well, onto more important things. Like our next destination.”

“Wait-wait-wait. Really? That’s it?”

“Hmm? Aye, it is finished. Or did you have more to tell me?”

“Uh, no, but. Don’t you want to know why I hadn’t told you? Or what this other world is like.”

“So, why were you silent?”

“I don’t know. Never found the right timing.”

“And what is this other world like?”

“There is no magic or monsters, but it’s a world with advanced science and technology.”

“Yes, interesting. Now, I think we should head to the Empire next.”

“The Empire. Alright.”


I have a loved one who is ridiculously indifferent. Where do I call for help?


Oh well. I thought that I was making a personal confession of a lifetime, but she was not interested. It was making me a little depressed, but then she sighed and added:


“Asagi. If we know that there is one person here from another world, would it not be natural to assume that there may be others? Should the fact that it happened to be you, change anything?”


“You see? It does not matter to me where you are from, you are still the person that I love. Regardless of what things are like over there, it is here that we are living. I am sure that I will ask to hear about it sometime later, but for now, we should discuss our next destination. Am I wrong?”

“Mm…no, you’re right. Sorry…I was just sulking a bit.”


It was as she said, and I felt a little embarrassed about it all now. It was childish to have high expectations and then be disappointed because they didn’t turn out the way I wanted. As I reflected on this, something blocked my vision and Daniela’s scent became stronger. Apparently, she was holding my head in her arms. My shoulders shuddered with surprise.


“No, it was me. Do you mind if I say something very off-putting?”

“I’m not sure it’s possible for you.”

“Hmm… Well, there is something very precious about you when you are down. Perhaps it is because it is such a rare sight. It was cute.”

“Daniela… I, I’m still an adult you know. This is not exactly the treatment I…”


Well, this was even more embarrassing. My ears felt hot. And sensitive. Daniela’s mouth came down and whispered.


“And yet it is me who is your elder. Let me indulge you.”


To be honest, I convulsed. We spent the whole day at the inn then. Preparations for our journey had to be made on the following day. It could not be helped. It could definitely not be helped.


□ □ □ □


We told Joshua, the master of the Silver Sky inn that we would be leaving tomorrow.


“I understand. It saddens me to see you go, but it is also my duty to see you off in the best possible state. And should you find yourselves in this city again, I hope that you will consider the Silver Sky.”


It was a brief exchange, but the words were enough to express Joshua’s good nature. I was glad, from the bottom of my heart, that we had chosen this place. As our schedule was full until tomorrow morning, we handed him the keys to our rooms and thanked him.


Once we were out, we immediately started to make preparations. I had a completely baseless feeling that the hollow bag had increased in capacity, and so we decided to buy ingredients so we could cook food while on the road. Buying premade food just wasn’t satisfying. At this point, I wanted to introduce Daniela to some family recipes to strengthen her infatuation. I had hardly done any cooking when I was on the night shift. But since coming here, I at least think that I’ve become reacquainted with the act of boiling, broiling, and frying. I was confident that I just needed the right ingredients to make something great, and this was the time to do it.


And so we were now in the market. Old men and women were shouting at the top of their lungs and calling to customers. Fruits of many colors crowded tables, along with freshly picked vegetables, and of course, Daniela’s favorite. Meat.


“The freshest beef in all of Spiris!”


An old man with little hair on his head called to us. Hmm, it did look fresh. But was it really beef?

We checked prices as we moved from one store to the next. When we were able to find a good seller, we raided their stock of good vegetables, fruits, and fresh meat. There was not much fish to be found here. The closest river was the one that ran down from Mount Alessa to the south. It wasn’t a very wide river either, and there were hardly any fishermen. Anyone who wanted could just take their fishing pole there and fish. It was not something to make a business out of.

But that didn’t mean there was none at all. Even if it was not sold for much, there were still people who bought it, and so there were a few fishermen selling fish at the market. And they went straight into my bag.


“Fish, huh… The bones are not good.”

“Don’t be childish.”


You shouldn’t have a problem as you’re a carnivore! And so I bought a few extra.


Now, we were good in terms of food supplies. The hollow bag had an enchantment on it cast with dimension magic. This caused time to stop inside, meaning that food could be stored without spoiling. It was the most useful, awesome thing, dimension magic.


“Dimension magic is an incredibly unstable form of magic.”

“I can tell. Just by looking at that dimension stone. I’m not brave enough to touch it.”

“Yes. Even novice-level spells consume an enormous amount of energy. And the results of losing control over it are severe. This meddling with time and space. What do you think would happen?”

“Uh… I don’t even want to imagine… Is there a precedent?”


Daniela smiled an evil looking smile and whispered.


“It was long ago. A certain palace magician was renowned as a young genius. A magician with the thickest dimension colors. However, a magical experiment ended in failure one day, causing it to rebound. Whole areas of the palace were carved away, and the magician became a wizened elder through the effects of the distortion of time.”


Woah…what the hell…


“You must be quite relieved that you did not touch it now?”

“Of course…ah, the horror. The horror.”


My spine continued to feel chilly as we left the market and walked towards the guard house of the western district. We called for Harold at the front desk, and he came flying.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. how to use the dimensional stone. have it refined into a metal. turn it into a shield. have the shield enchanted to become a gate linked one way to the planet’s molten core. anyone who hits the shield with their weapon, bye bye weapon and also possibly bye bye hand and arm. shield bash becomes super effective when you send parts of their body into a liquid iron molten hell of unimaginable gravitational forces.

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