Jack of all Trades – 71


“Ho, if it isn’t Asagi! It’s been too long!”

“It’s good to see that you’re well. We came by to tell you something.”


He scratched his neck.


“We decided to leave this city tomorrow.”

“You what… Oh, that is too bad.”

“You’ve been really good to us, so I just wanted to thank you.”

“Is that right! You came all the way here for that… I won’t forget this until the day I die!”


Passionate as ever. But we really owed him a lot. It was due to him that we found an inn, and he had also helped that time when I returned after fighting the wyvern. Even this armor, was mostly because of his generosity. I could hardly thank him enough.


“Well, we’ll meet again. Definitely!”

“Aye! I hope that you and Daniela have a great journey!”


He offered a refined salute as he saw us leave. His eyes seemed a little red. You didn’t meet people like that too often. I would definitely come to meet him if we ever found ourselves in Spiris again.


After parting with Harold, we headed for the guild. Fiona aside, it was necessary for us to notify Bordow. It made you feel sad, saying goodbye to people who have helped you. I wanted to think that it wasn’t forever, but you never knew what would happen in this world. It was very possible that we would not meet these people again.

It was the same with Fhiraldo. I would try to say my farewells to as many people as I could before leaving. And while good manners were important, I also found the idea of dying in this world without parts of me remaining as a memory, to be too bleak. I wanted to exist in the corner of people’s minds. And so a small part of this regrettable emotion was contained in every farewell.


“Excuse me, is Fiona here?”


The guild seemed like the same place as always, as I went to the counter and asked for Fiona.

After waiting with Daniela for a few minutes, we were led to the drawing room.


“Coming in.”


We entered the room and saw not only Fiona, but the uninvited Bordow. Well, we wanted to meet him anyway, so it was convenient, I guess.


Fiona looked at me with a smile.


“I had an idea of what this would be about, and so I called the guild master.”


It looked like she knew everything. I scratched at my cheeks and took a seat.


“I guess you’re used to hearing it from me now.”

“You can say that! Do you think there is anything about you that I don’t know?”

“This is getting horrifying.”


We laughed together. It was a warm atmosphere, but I couldn’t ignore the sadness there as well. Bordow stared at us for a while before crossing his legs and smiling.


“So, where are you two headed?”

“Daniela and I’ve talked about it, and we decided to go to the Empire to the south.”

“Hoho. Then we must contact the guild there!”

“Please don’t do anything so far in advance!”


It wasn’t serious, and everyone laughed. Bordow looked at me and Daniela and nodded as he got to his feet and left. And then some final words:


“Take care. And come back.”


There was a bit of a snuffle in there. I wasn’t the only one here who hated goodbyes.


“And so you two are leaving yet again.”

“Our purpose was to travel…”


We had parted before. It was almost miraculous that we met again. But now we were leaving. The silence was painful. Daniela broke it.


“Fiona. I will return. With Asagi as well.”

“Daniela… Uhh… I’m fine with it just being Asagi who returns.”



I looked uncomfortably at their faces, but they at least seemed to be enjoying this exchange. Friends? Rivals? But there was a relationship there that felt right.


“I told you that we’d come back, didn’t I? I might even send some letters.”

“Hmph. I will wait with no expectations. I foresee that you will forget, as you are too busy cuddling with Daniela. I’m not stupid.”

“That is correct. Asagi will not be given time to think about other women.”

“At least allow me some freedom when it comes to my friends…”


I say with a sigh, but my face is a smile. These bonds would not erase. We would be friends forever. No matter where we went, no matter the distance. Nothing would change. If ever I return to this city, Daniela and Fiona will be here too. It was already decided.

We dragged Fiona out of the guild house and to the Fang & Claw. And just as we had planned, we drank and talked until the morning. About what had happened until now, about what was to come. We looked forward to reuniting just as much as we regretted parting. Partway, Rex and his companions and Pinzoro came, after hearing that we were leaving. And the party went into full swing.


And then it was the next day. With many words of farewell behind us, Daniela and I left Spiris and started on a new journey.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Empire is so vague for a destination. Where are they going exactly? The Imperial Capital? One of it’s cities?

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