Jack of all Trades – 72

Trouble Maker, Trouble Evader

“So, what is this Empire that we are visiting like?”


I asked Daniela after we had gone through the southern gate and began to walk down the gravel road.


“The Empire… The Flugelnia Empire is a nation that controls much of the southern lands. Fhiraldo and Spiris, on the other hand, are a part of the Lambrusen Republic. Is this all new to you, Asagi?”

“It is. I have no grasp on geography here. Just that there are forests to the north and mountains to the south.”

“The northern forests are called the Great Sawyer Forests. The southern mountains are the Alessa Mountains. You should know that name very well.”


It was the place where those damned adventurers who called me Black Rabbit were sent to work in the mines. I remembered it well.


“This whole region is called the Alexia mountain ranges. The mountain range stretches out east-west and separates Lambrusen and Flugelnia. There is a gate in the Alessa mountains that lets you enter the country. And so we will need to reach the town with the gate in order to enter the Empire.”


The sudden barrage of unknown words was scrambled in my mental map. Uh…


So the country that I came to after dying was the Lambrusen Republic. I woke up on the misty hills and walked to Fhiraldo to the east. We moved even further east after that and ended up in Spiris. To the north of the misty hills, Fhiraldo and Spiris, lay the Sawyer Forest. To the south was the Alexia mountain ranges that went east-west. And this Flugelnia Empire lay past those mountains…


Hmm, I think I got that right. So we were always going between the mountains and forests up until now. Had I first appeared in the great forest or mountains, I likely would have died. It would have been much harder to find a town nearby.


“I get the picture.”

“Good. Well, we are going to be traveling through those mountains you can see up ahead.”


The map was clear in my head now, and I could imagine our destination. I suddenly felt a lot more motivated. However, there was one thing that was bothering me.


“Uh, Daniela.”


“This Empire, is it one of those military states?”


There was something hot-blooded about the word. The last thing I wanted to do, was to get drafted.


“Well, you might say so. It is considered glamorous to be in the army.”

“So, are they likely to be causing any wars?”

“No, I do not think so. If anything, they make a show of declaring their distaste for war.”


Huh… I hardly knew what to think anymore…


“Though, the Empire did attempt world domination around six hundred years ago. They even succeeded in it too.”


“Serious. However, the world was much too large to be governed so, and the Emperor at the time died from the stress. The succeeding son had no intention of following his father’s fate. And so the lands were split up and the independent states were born.”

“That’s quite impressive…”

“It was highly contested at the time. But seeing as how things have settled now, he must have been a wise Emperor.”


So that was a little history of this world. He had seen his father die from being overworked and wanted better for himself. I wonder if that was all written in their history books? I was curious.


“The Empire has never launched an attack on another country since then. The army does nothing outside of their parades. As I said, it is considered glamorous, and the most popular occupation.”

“They don’t even fight?”

“They will generally only fight monsters. They attack in great numbers and prevent stampedes. I guess it is one of the things they do outside of parades.”


I asked her many other things about Flugelnia as we walked. We occasionally took breaks to rest before continuing. We had left first thing in the morning, but the town of Alessa was far. The mountains only barely looked closer than before by the time the sun began to set. We would have to spend the night in a small area between a field of grass and a grove.


“Asagi, is this fine for the tent?”

“You got it, Master Daniela. It’s perfect!”


I gave her a thumbs up as I stirred the soup in the pot. A nice camp soup, full of fresh vegetables, blocks of meat, and flavored with salt and spices. After this was done, I moved the pot and placed a frying pan over the fire. When it was heated, I put on Daniela’s favorite meat and let it sizzle. The smell of spices spread through the air. Thankfully, Presence Detection told us that there was no one nearby. Not a single monster. But if anything bothered to come from so far away after somehow smelling it, then I would gladly oblige them. I always welcomed experience points.



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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