Jack of all Trades – 58

Armor Store, At Last

The sandwiches contained a great combination of fried eggs, bacon and lettuce. We knew that we would definitely be visiting this place again as we left our seats.


“We should get going then.”


I say as I put the change in a leather bag. Daniela’s hand was on her stomach as if to show her dissatisfaction, but then she remembered that she was trying to be ladylike today, and so she nodded.


As it was midday, many people from around town were now gathering towards the wide streets and looking for places to eat. We walked together, hand in hand…for the purpose of not losing each other.


“I feel a little bashful.”

“I as well. I have not held a person’s hand and walked since the time I took walks with my father…”


Daniela said, which put us in a sentimental mood. Her parents, huh. I wish I could have met them…


“Hey, Daniela.”

“Mm? What is it?”

“Um, are there tombstones in your homeland? For your parents.”


Daniela looked up into the sky, as far as she could see and answered.


“Aye, I built it for them on the land that our house once stood. But I have not returned since then, and I do not know what has happened to it…”

“I see… Then, once things get settled, I have to go and introduce myself.”

“Thank you…Asagi.”


She squeezed my hand tightly and smiled. I smiled and squeezed her hand back. The town was alive and clamorous, but we felt as if our time together was calm and gentle.


The Paw Clothes and Accessories Shop faced a large road, but we went through a back alley to reach the Paw Armor Shop on the other side. We let go of each other’s hands once we were inside. It would be the worst if we accidentally bumped into and damaged any of the armor here.


“Welcome! Welcome to the Paw Armor Shop!”


A familiar voice rang from the back.



“Ahh, it is you. Do not worry, I have set your armor aside for you!”


He would have hell to pay if he hadn’t. I would go berserk. I would.


“I came because I have enough money now.”


I said as I handed over a leather bag containing the sixty gold pieces that I got from Harold’s wyvern materials, plus five gold pieces I got from the reward that was shared between Rex and the other men.  Praise the wyverns! Amen.


“But it has only been a few days… What did you do?”

“A little wyvern hunting.”

“No, then this ‘Silvergreen’ who slew two wyverns alone must be…?”


I did not solo two wyverns! That’s an insane exaggeration!


“Even killing one is impressive enough.”

“I just dealt the finishing blow to a wyvern that was already heavily wounded.”

“Oh, how modest!”


He clearly didn’t believe me… Ah, well. This was a pointless conversation anyway. Just give me my lovely armor set!


“Well, allow me to take you to it, Silvergreen.”

“Could we not do that?”


□ □ □ □


We were led to the back of the store. Well, not too far back, as then we would just come into the clothing store on the other side. My armor was set up on a wooden mannequin-like block of wood. But something was different from before. There was a waistcloth. Complete with embroidery.


“What is this cape-like thing?”

“Ahh, this. When I put it all together here, my wife…who, uh, happens to own the clothing store on the other side, she says that it ‘looks unbalanced.’ And so created this cape out of extra wind dragon cloth in one night. Oh, you can consider it a bonus. It is not as if you requested it, after all. Also, it is going to be worn by Silvergreen himself!”


Ahh… Well, he was probably right. It would be a nicer silhouette to have cloth come down under the waist to match the poncho that would hang from my shoulders. An old friend called Yasuda had once told me that ‘Character designs needed a great silhouette.’ However, what about utility?


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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