Jack of all Trades – 209

Imperial Capital Vellefrost


I woke up very tired the next morning, and so I took a light breakfast and then rested in the wagon. Trickster? No, it could not be helped. It’s not my fault. They shouldn’t have been there in the forest. 


I had barely even slept when I was woken up. I would have liked to sleep longer…

According to Daniela, the line had started to move with the rise of the sun. We had now been waiting for about two hours. That was a lot if you added how long we had waited yesterday. But well, at least we wouldn’t sleep two nights in a row.


“…Huh…actually, that’s not for certain…”


For a moment I had assumed we were assured an inn to stay at.


“So, why did you wake me up?”

“We’re about to be inspected.”

“I see.”


I thought we would be allowed through with a lot less hassle, but this was the capital. Perhaps they needed tighter security.


I took out the status cards from the hollow bag and looked up at the sky and waited until guards came walking towards us.


“We’ll take your status cards in advance.”

“Please put them in this basket.”


Huh. I guess they had them scanned first. It was nice and efficient.


“Excuse me.”

“Uh, yes!”


The pair of guards that stopped in front of us looked so young that one might mistake them for children. I put the four status cards into the basket that one of the boys was holding. Mister and Moosh had status cards as well. It was apparently necessary for the trade, even if you weren’t Adventurers.


“Here you go.”

“Thank you!”

“So, which of you are representing the others?”



I glanced over to Mister. We were guarding him, so he clearly represented us.


“I am. You can call me Mister.”

“Alright, Mister. Very good. We will get back to you after the inspection.”

“Much obliged.”


The two boys bowed politely and returned to the guardhouse.

So even kids worked as guards here. How old had I been during my first job…


“I guess it’s more waiting then.”

“I’m quite bored of this wagon…”


Mister laughed with amusement. The three others seemed to be used to long carriage rides. But my ass was killing me… I could see why someone would want to modify carriages after coming to another world. But it was too much work for me. I would rather run. Well, that was dumb too…


  □   □   □   □


The pair of boys were walking towards us again. From what I heard them say to the carriage in front of ours, we had been given permission to go through.


“Mister and company!”

“You have been granted entry into the city. Please move forward!”

“Thank you.”


They seemed to be staring at me with dazzled eyes. No, I must have been seeing things.


“Uh, um!”



But then they called to me.


“Uh, are you really the Great Silvergreen?”

“Oh… No need to add the ‘great’ part… I don’t care for that.”

“I-I’m sorry! I’m a big fan of yours, Mister Silvergreen!”

“Hehe. Thanks.”


So they were fans. I was reminded of Lauria… I wished she would clean my clothes again.


“Are you going to fight in the Imperial Sword Tournament?”

“I intend to, yes.”

“I’ll be rooting for you then!”

“Me too!”


They raised their fists in support. I often thought about the bad rumors that spread about us, but hearing voices like these helped motivate me. 


“Thank you. I’ll do what I can to win.”

“We’re going to watch you fight!”

“Please do your best!’


They waved at me excited before returning to their work. I waved back until they reached the next carriage.


“I see you are quite popular.”

“Don’t laugh. That was embarrassing…”


I tried to fan myself to cool off.


“I would not mind being admired by such adorable children.”

“Haha. I’m sure you have lots of girls looking up to you.”

“Yes, for some reason…”


Daniela sighed and shook her head. It could not be helped. No matter where she went, she was the cool one that girls admired. No matter what world you were in, there was always yuri to be found. Next time I wouldn’t mind being reincarnated as a girl.


“But would that be yuri…? Well, perhaps that is a different genre.”

“Wha the hell are you talking about?”

“…Absolutely nothing.”


I sighed deeply and looked out of the tarp like Daniela was doing. We were just going through the gate.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. The author is letting out his/her true colors more and more now.

    It seemed all other relationship aside from the stereotype is Yuri.

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