Jack of all Trades – 209


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The history of the Imperial Capital of Vellefrost was long. The Empire of Flugelnia had once dominated the world. And this city was made by the first Emperor. As it was an Empire that had swallowed up many countries, the buildings in the city were diverse in architecture. Thankfully, the initial planning of the city had been done well, and the streets were not too complicated. Of course, that was mostly just true for the center of the capital. It was where the nobles lived. And it was in the very heart of the capital that the Iron Castle, Revance Reve, stood proudly. Eight streets spread out from the Imperial Castle, and each was named after figures who had supported the country.

These were people who had helped the country once the empire’s domination of the world had ended. The first Emperor of Vellefrost had the world in his hands, but the stress of accomplishing such a feat had sent him to an early grave. His son and successor avoided the same fate by cutting the kingdom into pieces. And eight nobles helped him in this task.


This was the story I was being told by the old man in front of me.


“And so these eight people…”

“Asagi, we have to go…”

“Uh…um…old man. We have to get going…”

“Hmm? Oh, has that much time passed? I’m so sorry to keep you. Do enjoy your stay in the city!”

“Thank you…”


I courageously interrupted the old man and succeeded in ending his impromptu history lesson. Then I sighed for the hundredth time that day.


“Damn it. Why did I have to do it…”

“I am under a curse where my lifespan shortens when I talk to strangers.”

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Uh, Mister Asagi. We have to go to the guild…”

“Oh, right. Well, let’s go then!”


Damn it. I had only wanted to find out the location of the guild, but ended up being lectured about the city’s history… And that took a lot of time. Damn it…


But the location he told me at the start of his history lesson was correct. And he told us of a route that had less traffic, which made it even worse that we had wasted so much time.


There was a great sign that read, ‘Grand Guild.’ It was the main headquarters of Vellefrost’s Adventurer’s Guild. I had never been to any headquarters before. When we anxiously stepped inside, I immediately noticed how big it was. Of course, I should have known it, because it was huge from the outside. There were five of each counter and yet it was still crowded.

So, what would the quality of Adventurers be like? As there where Adventurers from all over the place now, it would probably be a varied lineup. You had your dangerous-looking old man, the younger guy with a troublesome attitude, the lady who licked her knife threateningly, the girl who looked cute but carried a giant battleaxe… But seriously, don’t lick your knives. You’ll cut yourself.


Mister accompanied us to the rewards counter. As we were also making a report on the quest, it should be the right place to go.


“Another line… I’m sick of it.”

“Well, well. At least it is the last one.”

“Speaking of last, this is the end of our journey, Mister… I’m sorry that it wasn’t as peaceful as you might have wanted.”

“Preposterous! I enjoyed myself very much. I had been anxious about having to travel with some ruffian Adventurers, and so you two were a great relief. It was a very pleasant journey.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”


It was time to say goodbye. In spite of the Grendel and the blood apes, and the fact that it was a rather dangerous journey, I was happy to hear that he had a good time.


“You’re next.”

“Ah, we’re being called.”

“Let’s go.”


And so we went to the counter and made a report of the quest. For some reason, we were given two pieces of gold instead of eighty silvers, but perhaps it was Mister’s generosity. It was touching… It was the first time we had traveled with a stranger, and it wasn’t a bad experience. Perhaps it would be nice to travel in a party one day.

That being said, I wanted our next trip to be just us two. But before that, there was the Imperial Sword Tournament.

And before that, we had to find an inn.

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  1. im just a little bothered about the money splitting but ok. he shared the profit from the grendel with this merchant who, quite literally, left them behind to fight on their own. that’s like 200g? for nothing? did i read that right? then gets paid a measly 2g and is grateful for it.

    this is why ppl look down on you asagi..

  2. If they didnt get an inn, at least a sleeping quarters for the participants, right?

    i wonder if drugstore hero is also here 😆
    I also wonder how many adventurers with alias are active, the only once who might have a decent fight against asagi

    Also his level! He might have leveled up quite abit coz of black beuwolf and giant. He might jump up from C to A??

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