Jack of all Trades – 210

We Couldn’t Find An Inn


We accepted our reward and then it was time for Mister to leave.


“Well, Mister Asagi. Good luck in the tournament.”

“Thank you. Good luck with your business.”

“I will go and watch you fight!”

“Thank you, Moosh. I will try to live up to your expectations.”


It was a big city. I didn’t know if we would actually meet again. But somehow, I felt that we probably would.


“You are entering as well, are you not, Miss Daniela?”

“Yes, I suppose I shall.”


She said as if this had not been mostly her idea.


“Then I shall definitely pray for your victory!”

“Thank you.”


Daniela chuckled at the overzealous Moosh. 


“Well, we must be going now. Farewell.”



They waved and then disappeared into the city. Mister would be going to an inn that was reserved for merchants of his guild. And while Daniela and I were waving pleasantly, inwardly, we were very anxious.

Our hands dropped.



“So. What should we do?”

“What indeed…”


I  looked up at the sky. The sun was still high. I looked down and saw the great crowds of people.


“I think we should go to this inn district first.”

“Yes…that is the first thing to do.”


That being said, we didn’t know the way. Now, if only there were some signs…hmm?


I approached the thing that had caught my eye. It became clearer as I got closer. It was a board that also held a stack of folded papers. On closer inspection, I saw it was a map. And the papers…


“Oh, they are maps you can take with you!”

“Then we will not have to get lost.”


And so Daniela and I looked at the map. The words ‘Inn District’ could be seen close to the south gate. Hmm, if the guild was here…ugh. It’s really far!


“The guild is on the west side.”

“Indeed, we did not walk much to get here…”


From what I could tell from the map, the guild, shopping district, nobles district, and imperial castle were on the east side of the west gate. And to the south of the imperial castle, there was a nobles district, shopping district, and inn district. There were multiple shopping districts, but they apparently sold different things. The trousers that I needed would be sold in the eastern shopping district. Clothes and accessories were on the east side.

After looking at the map, it did look like the city had originally only extended as far as the noble district. There were eight neat streets extending out from it. The noble district had a wall surrounding it, but after that, the layout became more varied. A combination of different ages and architecture. Well, none of it was visible from the map.


“Well then. We should go there at once.”

“Daniela, don’t get distracted by anything.”

“I know. Our main priority now is to find a place to stay.”


  □   □   □   □


There were a lot of people. And since they seemed to all be Adventurers, I felt as if I had returned to Replant. Though, on closer inspection, there were others too. Merchants and workers and tourists?


In any case, there were a lot of people. That’s what my impression of the city was at first.


As was declared, we arrived at the inn district without getting distracted by anything. However, we had no reservations or letters of introduction… We tried all the inns on the right side of the great street all the way to the east gate, but were turned down every time. 


“Uh, how about we take a break…”

“Yes…I saw a park near the back alley. We can go there…”


We were so tired that we decided to head to the park and rest.


The park was surprisingly big and kept relatively clean. The trees had all been trimmed. It was surprising that anyone would have time to do such a thing. But this was the imperial city, and perhaps people just cared more.

We sat down on the closest bench and decided to eat. Of course, it was street food. I had a feeling we would be running out soon… I wanted to check, but this wasn’t a good place to expose your stock of food. Still, we’d have to go shopping soon.


“Hahh… I expected it, but there really aren’t any places that are open…”


Daniela glared at the ground as she held her meat skewer.


“Yes… I suppose it shows just how important this tournament is.”


Apparently, there were even people who made reservations six months in advance… While this was another world people still traveled far in order to participate in such events. In that case…well, there was no point in regretting decisions now. 


“Well, we can check the left side next. If that’s no good, then we can check the back streets. At worst, we will have to pitch a tent in the park.”

“We do not have a tent.”

“Oh…that’s right…”


This was bad. We couldn’t even sleep in a tent. We would be out in the open then.


“Alright, are you finished? Let’s hurry up. We should probably split up this time.”

“But, I happen to be cursed…”

“You know that cool Daniela who found an inn in Yukka? I’d like to meet her again.”

“Very well. I shall find you an inn.”


She stood up abruptly. Oh, that was cool… My heart just skipped a beat.


“I will take the left side. See you later then.”

“What… That means I have the back street…!”


That’s clearly the worst side! Damn it… Ah, she just turned and laughed!

Just you wait. I’ll find us an inn!


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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