Jack of all Trades – 210


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“I’m sorry. We’re full during this time of the year…”

“I see…”


I know. I know. I know it too much.


“Very sorry…”


The innkeeper bowed apologetically. It was me who was being unreasonable. I quickly made her stop.


“Still… Is there really no place that is open?”

“It will be very difficult to find one during the Imperial Sword Tournament.”

“While we hadn’t known, we really picked a bad time…”

“Hehe. But this also the time when the city is the most lively. I do hope you enjoy your time here.”

“Yeah, I’m sure we will. That’s one thing I am glad about. Well, thank you.”

“I am sorry that I couldn’t help you. Perhaps another time.”


The innkeeper waved me away with a smile as I left to go to the next one. Which was, of course, right next door. A few steps to the door. I would probably come straight back out in a minute. Hahhh…


The process repeated several times but I was rejected every time. I was starting to think we would have to sleep outside after all. In fact, what was so wrong with that anyway? I couldn’t even say anymore…


“Well, I guess I could try the backstreets on the left side…”


My feet were quite sore as I moved away from the main road and to the back street.


However, I was unable to find an inn there as well.


Things were officially a disaster… If only we knew someone here…


“Hmm? …Wait a minute…”


Knew someone. Knew someone. Did we know someone who was in the capital? I leaned against a wall and searched through my memories. Usually, when this happened, it was best to go back in the order that things occurred.




First, we came here with Mister. Before that, we were in Yukka. Before Yukka…hmm. Aeneius said something about coming here, but I doubt he’d find an inn. Poor guy.


“And then…”


Before Yukka. We were in Arkaroid. Nothing really happened there…I think. And before that, we were in…Usk.


“Usk…Usk… Friend…Imperial Capital… Hmm. I’ve gone back quite far already…”


“Ah…hmm? Oh…oh! I know!”


That big guy. The strong one! He was part of the Empire’s intelligence department and he said to come to him for help!”


“…Now, what was his name…”


I couldn’t remember… But I felt like he said something about them monitoring us. Perhaps they’ve been using Presence Block all of this time. 

But they should be around. It’s their job.


And so I moved away from the inns and to a nearby alley. And there, I activated Presence Detection.

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