Tensei Kenja – 97

I Made Them Underestimate Me



And so I ended up arriving in Boguina while the assassins continued to follow me.

The town was filled with shops with signs that read, ‘Monster Armor,’ just like I had heard.



“Most of them are for horses.”


That’s what I saw when I looked at the storefronts.


There were some that were for cows… But I didn’t see any that were for the kind of monsters that Tamers would have.

But then again, I wasn’t actually sure what kind of monsters normal Tamers had.


…With so many shops, it would be hard just choosing a place to buy stuff in.


I wondered about this as I looked around.

Then I found a stall nearby that was selling skewers of barbecue meat.


Maybe I could ask if there was a place they could recommend.


“I’ll take two of those.”


“Ah! Certainly!”


The owner said as he handed them to me.

I passed him the money and then asked,


“I came here to buy monster armor. Do you know of a good place?”


“For a horse?”


“No. For slimes and a Proud Wolf.”


The man heard this and then he frowned.

It seemed like it would not be easy to acquire those.


“Ahh… So you want monster armor as a Tamer, eh? That will have to be by special order.”


“Oh. Well, which store could I go to for that?”


“For Tamer monster armor… There are not many places that can do it. I would say that Gaiger definitely makes the best pieces, but the prices are not cheap.”


I see.

But it couldn’t be helped if it was expensive since it was of good quality and by special order.


It seemed like there were cheaper places…but it was better not to be stingy when your life was on the line.

Dying over something like that would be so embarrassing


“All right. Could you tell me where Gaiger’s store is?”


“…It’s really expensive, you hear? Even the cheapest ones are about 300,000 cicols.”


“It’s a matter of life and death. I can’t be too cheap with that.”


And if it really was so expensive that I couldn’t buy anything for the slimes and Proud Wolf…well, I would just have to check a different store.

…Well, there were so many slimes, so I was thinking about making a few and only having them equipped when a slime was going on a particularly dangerous mission.


“…Well, if you insist, I will tell you.”


And so the owner of the stall told me how to get to the store.

—It seemed like it was pretty close by.


But…I first needed to do something about my pursuers.

They would surely be suspicious if I suddenly bought armor that cost 300,000 cicols.


“Thank you.”


I said as I walked away.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. The wolf is somewhat easily done.

    Slimes… honestly, the best option that came into my mind at a moment’s notice was actually pokeballs, considering they’re pretty much indestructible , because I couldn’t honestly come to think of any other way than making hollow metal balls, put slimes inside and then lock it from the outside to actually get them armored. Though considering they rely on agility, that wouldn’t really help.

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