Tensei Kenja – 97


‘Hey, he looks like he’s going somewhere.’


‘That direction…could it be Gaiger’s store?’


‘What’s that?’


‘…It’s the best store that sells monster armor for Tamers. Even the cheapest one for horses costs 300,000 cicols.’


‘Are you serious? ..This Yuji person much be rich.’


‘It’s no wonder that headquarters put him on the candidate list…’


I could hear this conversation as they maintained a certain distance between us.

It seemed like they had not been able to hear our actual conversation.


I thought about this as I arrived at the front of Gaiger’s store.

And then I looked at the price tags of the horse armor that was in the front—-and made an exaggerated show of being shocked.


‘Hey, he seems to be surprised by the price tags.’


‘I guess he didn’t know that Gaiger was expensive.’


They reacted just as I had wanted.

I continued to check a few more of the products—and then walked away with a sad expression.


‘…He gave up then.’


‘So he can’t even afford to buy 300,000 cicols worth of armor? …This guy clearly isn’t worth killing.’


It appeared that I was successful in fooling them.

And it was with that joy in my heart, that I made my way to the guild.


And then—I grabbed an ordinary E-Rank request sheet, and took it to the counter.

It was to hunt down a monster known as a Rush Bull.


“I’d like to accept this quest.”

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  1. That quest doesn’t feel like a real E rank. Somehow the name of the monster sounds a bit more troublesome. Well, nothing compared to those op cute magic jelly beans of Yuji’s. But, what would those assassins end up as? Straight into fertilizer? Nothingness? Ashes? Or perhaps food of some kind of monster. I doubt they can be defeated safely without killing them (or letting them suicide).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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