Tensei Kenja – 98

I Tried Leaving the Town


A few minutes later.

The assassins were talking to each other after I came out of the building.


‘He’s just leaving by the main entrance.’


‘…So I guess he hasn’t noticed that we’ve been following him.’


It seemed that they had been worried that I had realized I was being spied on and would try to shake them off by leaving through a back exit.

They never would have guessed that I had known from the beginning and was continuing to fool them.


…Well, it was actually the slimes that had told me.


‘You were being paranoid. There are hundreds of people in this town. No one would notice that they were being followed unless they were specially trained.’


‘That’s true.’


‘More importantly, I’m curious about what quest he took—but we won’t be able to read it at this distance.’


‘We’ll find out as we follow him.’


So they were curious about the quest I had accepted.

I could just take it out and hold it in a way that would be easy for them to see…but that seemed too obvious and risky.

Instead, I would just go do it.


Thinking this, I left the town while taking the Proud Wolf and slimes with me.

According to the receptionist, there were a lot of Rush Bulls in the surrounding forest.


It was an E-Rank quest, so they were not likely to be very strong.

And so I asked the slime,


‘Where are the Rush Bulls?’


‘Uh…over there!’


The slime pointed at the forest.

I heard this and—went in a direction that was a short distance away from it.


‘Yuji! That’s not where they are!’


‘Yeah. I’m taking a longer route. …It will look suspicious to my pursuers if I find them right away.’




And so I took my time heading towards the Rush Bulls.

On the way, I said to my monsters,


‘I don’t want the assassin to know about it, so there will be no attack magic this time.’


‘Oh, no attack magic… Then how will you fight?’


The Proud Wolf asked. He did not sound very concerned.

Well, this was one time when it did concern him.


‘Proud Wolf. What’s my job?’


‘You’re a Tamer.’


‘Yes. …And how do Tamers usually fight?’


‘They make their tamed monsters fight the enemy!’


…So he wasn’t stupid.


‘Exactly. …Proud Wolf. I’m counting on you.’




Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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