10 Years After – 223

Casting Magic on the Mansion


Kathe was very fast. We arrived in no time.

Dozens of beastkin welcomed us as she slowly descended.

Danton must have sent word in advance.

The beastkin tribes had been given communication bracelets in order to contact each other.


The chief I had just seen last night now came over to me.


“Mister Locke. And the rest of you. Thank you for visiting us.”

“The magic tool is ready and so I came to install it.”

“What! So soon!”


And then I turned to Kathe.


“Kathe. Stay here and remain in dragon form.”

“Very well.”

“Can you take me to the center of the mansion?”

“It’s right this way.”


I left Kathe and followed him into the mansion.

Before actually installing it, Luchila and I would search the place with magic.


“I didn’t find any suspicious devices. Did you, Mister Locke?’

“I didn’t find any either.”

“Then it should be safe!”


And so I installed the magic tool. It required the help of several people, but that’s what Shia and the others were here for.

And through helping me, they learned more about it as well.

And it was not a bad thing to know about this, even if they were warriors or Adventurers.


“Mister Locke, is this all right?”

“Yeah. Yours is fine, Shia. Thank you.”

“So, you do it like this?”

“Hmm. Yes, that’s fine, Serulis.”

“I finished it, Mister Locke.”

“You did it very well, Nia.”


It was no wonder, since Nia often joined Luchila in helping Philly with her work.

Once everything was finished, I activated the magic tool.


“Now, if any dark ones get close to the mansion, the alarm should go off. It will make the same sound that you heard in Danton’s mansion.”

“Thank you so much.”


After that, I explained things like the area of effect, which dark ones it could stop, and other such details to the chief.

And then we returned to Kathe.


“Gahahaha! I will make it even steeper now!”

“Yay! Yay!”


Kathe was playing with the children. She was popular even in this tribe then.

She had lowered her head and was gently raising her tail.

While she did this, the children climbed up her head and moved towards her tail.


“He-hey, children! What are you doing to the great Wind Dragon Ruler…”


The chief cried frantically.

I felt bad for the children who might be scolded later on.


“Kathe seems to be happy about it. It’s really nothing.”

“I am not sure about that.”

“Yes, I do not mind! Gahahaha!”


Kathe said with a laugh. And then she walked towards us as the children clung to her.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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