10 Years After – 223


“Are you finished then?”

“We’re done installing it. Now we have to reinforce the walls.”

“I can help with that. You should leave the ceilings to me.”

“Yes. Luchila and I will do the floors. Whoever finishes first can start on the outer walls.”

“Very well!”


And so we got to work. I started reinforcing the floors with Luchila.

Then we went outside when we were done.


“Children, watch this!”


“Look! See this!”

“Wow! It shone!”


Kathe had children on her back as she went about casting magic on the roof.

The children were ecstatic.

While it was all done properly, it was going slow, because she was explaining what she was doing.


“…Luchila. We should do the walls then.”

“Yes. I agree with that.”


And so we started to cast magic on the walls.

Kathe continued to be popular. We could hear the shouts and cheers of the children.



Grulf was also excited as he ran around Kathe as she flew in the sky.

Perhaps the excitement of the others was infectious.


“Do you want to ride me too, Grulf?”


And so Kathe picked Grulf up and put him on her back.

It was hard to believe that he had ever been scared of her.


We watched them as they had fun and continued our work.


“I have finished casting magic on the roof! Locke! I want you to check it!”

“We’re just about finished here too. But I don’t think I need to inspect your magic, Kathe…”


Kathe grabbed our hands and pulled us onto the roof.


“Luchila, what do you think?”


I asked Luchila. It was a part of her magic education as my apprentice.

Luchila looked at Kathe’s work with a serious expression.


“I think it’s been done very well. What do you think, Mister Locke?”

“Yes. It’s wonderful work.”

“Is that right? I am relieved.”


Kathe said with a sigh. And then the children on her back all cheered.


“I knew that the great Kathe could do it!”

“Yes! She’s amazing!”


“That’s right! That’s right!”


Kathe looked happy. Her tail was also wagging slowly.

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  1. Thank you for translating this. I was fascinated by the name when the manga came out but I couldn’t quite get around to reading the original, now I binge read it over the past few days.

    Well, I wonder if the dark ones had actually also charmed a few merchants…

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