10 Years After – 109

Old Men Drinking


I thought for a while on whether or not I should reveal my identity.

In general, I did not like hiding it from people close to me.

Because if I did, it would feel like I didn’t trust them.

That being said, doing it unnecessarily could cause a lot of problems.


But if he already knew that I had killed a High Lord by myself, then I didn’t see how there could be a problem.

Besides, he was Shia and Nia’s father.


“By the way, Lord Danton. There is something I haven’t told you yet…”

“Oh? Is it the secret to your strength?”


Danton said jokingly.


“You’re not entirely wrong.”

“Oh, well, I would like to know that.”


Danton looked at me seriously. He had a curiosity when it came to strength.


“The thing is…”


And so I told him that I was the hero Ruck.

And I told him why I was keeping this a secret.


Danton was silent the whole time as I explained this.


“I see…”

“I’m sorry for not telling you sooner.”

“No, it’s an important secret, after all. If anything, I am very grateful that you trusted me enough with it.”


Goran laughed and said,


“Lord Woolcott. Are you very surprised to hear about this?”

“A little… But to be honest, it makes a lot of sense to me.”


“Yes. Your relationship to the king and Lord Morton. And of course, your strength. It makes sense that you are none other than Ruck.”



Then Goran looked at us seriously.


“Well, now that Locke has told you… I think we can now consider ourselves close friends.”

“Yes, but why do you bring that up?”


I asked. Goran looked exasperated.


“We can drop the formalities and expressions when we talk, that’s what I’m saying.”

“Oh, I see. Lord Danton. What do you think?”

“Yes, um, yes. I think that would be more pleasant.”

“Then it’s decided!”


Goran said with a boisterous laugh.

We poured ourselves another round of drinks and made a toast.


Goran drained his cup and said,


“Still, I understand that Eric had to report about the High Lord…


The king and the chiefs shared their information about the vampires.

And that was important information.

They would lose their trust if they kept things hidden, and the whole arrangement would be meaningless.


“But I don’t know why he had to report that it was you who did it.”


As we were all friends, Goran didn’t call Eric ‘His Majesty.’


“But if he didn’t say who did it, then that question will arise anyway.”

“That might be true…”


Even if it was a secret, people would want to know who this warrior was.

And the beastkin wolf chiefs were there with us during the ceremony where we were rewarded for fighting the High Lords.

So they would have likely figured it out soon enough anyway.


“I’m sure they’d want to ask me about how I did it.”

“Yes, of course they would.”


Danton agreed.


“Do you want to know?”

“Of course, I do. Even if His Majesty did not tell us, I would have realized who did it.”


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