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*Translator: I decided to pick this up. I did try to contact the former translator but was not able to get a reply. But since it’s been close to 7 months, I figure it’s alright. I will be starting with chapter 1 as I would like to use my own spelling for character names. Let me know what you think.


After a fierce battle, we of the Heroes party were able to push the powerful Devil King back into his dimension.

It was where the Devil King had invaded from, and it was in this area between our dimensions that we struck back.

We did not deal the killing blow, but the Devil King was gravely wounded. He would not be able to move for some time.


The Warrior, riddled with wounds and breathing through heaving shoulders says,


“The fight was long, but it is finally finished.”

“It took longer than I thought. It’s too bad I that I missed the birth of my child.”


Says the Hero.

The Hero is married to a former party member who acted as Healer.

The current party is made up of Eric, the Hero, Goran, the Warrior, and me. Ruck, the Sorcerer.

A trio of men.


I turn to the Hero and say,


“Well, you can spend all the time in the world with your child now.”

“I hope that is the case.”

“My child would have grown quite a lot. Might have even forgotten my face.”


The Warrior says with a little self-mockery.

Both the Hero and Warrior have a wife and a child. I’m the only one who is single.


“Well, we should head back now. I’ve had enough of this pesky place between our dimensions.”


It was after we had been moving for quite a while.

We realized that the great army of the devil was chasing us from the direction of their dimension.

And it wasn’t just a few dozen. There were hundreds of them.

We were already tired and battered from long fighting. It would mean death if we tried to take the enemy on.


“So, there were still so many of them left…”


I shouted at the Hero who looked back in shock.


“Go on ahead and leave this to me!!”

“What are you saying? As if we could just leave you here alone!”

“Surely you’re not ignorant of my ability to continue fighting?”


I said with a smile, wanting to appear confident.


“Ruck. But…”

“Your child is waiting for you!”


At this, both the Hero and Warrior hesitated. Their expressions were conflicted, like they would cry.

I smiled at them.


“Hey, I’ll catch up with you soon enough.”

“…I’m sorry.”


They started to run. Before they went away, they left me some valuable restorative potions.

I would be able to fight for quite some time with these. I carefully put them away in my bag.


The Devil King was still alive. If he ever returned, we would need the power of Heroes.

I could not let them die here.


“Well then. Bring it on, you devils. Don’t think this will be an easy path to cross.”


I say with some bravado.

The enemies were many. I would have to fight with consideration of magic depletion.


I directly touched the head of a charging devil and blow a magic bullet into its head.

Some devils rushed passed me to chase the Heroes, and so I cast Bind on their feet before blowing them into the air.


Things went well at first. Ten, twenty of them went down.

Then I ran low on magic. Fatigue grew worse. My consciousness began to feel shaky.

The effects of our long battle with the Devil King were still lingering.






A devil’s arm cuts into my shoulder. A burning pain shoots through my body.

My consciousness suddenly sharpens. I grab the devil’s arm and blow him into the air.


“Not yet!”


How long did I continue to fight after that? But then things started to change.



A devil’s hand touched my stomach. In an instant, it had sucked energy from me.


“Drain Touch!”


It was sorcery that only advanced devils were able to use. It was the first one to hit me.

I was usually not in the front lines, and so the devils had not had an opportunity to touch me until now.


The moment I had been attacked by Drain Touch, I understood the principles of it.

I was good at learning magic.


In order to heal my torn body, I, in turn, activate Drain Touch at the devil.

After enough time, my wounds heal and my strength begins to recover.


“Come at me. I feel like I could fight for years now.”


And so I fought feverishly.

Mana was thick in this place between the dimensions. This allowed you to gain levels faster.

I could feel myself becoming stronger. But the fighting never became easier.

The enemy was becoming stronger as well.


If I became tired, I cast a spell called Marionette on myself.

It was originally a spell that allowed you to control your enemies.

I used it so that my body could move and fight even while I slept.


“I have no sense of time…”


I feel like I’ve been fighting for a while. How many days, I wonder?

Perhaps it has been months even. I haven’t eaten anything, and I fight even while I am sleeping.


At some point, I stole a magic sword from a devil general and fought with it.

I called this sword Drain Sword.

Every time I opened a new enemy with it, it would suck their living essence, which was helpful.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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  2. Just gonna wait till you’re in fresh content not worth the reread if it’s just to change a few names hope you catch up soon, and see ya then (putting this on hold for a year)

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  4. Thank you for picking this up. I was worried for a minute when the last update on old translator’s website was at july 2018. Please continue with translation.

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