10 Years After – 8

Goblin Lord


The Goblin Lord was now standing where we had been a moment ago.

It had stopped as if having detected our presence.


Goblins were about the size of human children.

However, Goblin Lords were nearly 1.5 times larger than the average man.

Its chest and arms were thick, and it was overall closer to an orc than a goblin.


Ario and Josh were shaking visibly.


Goblins were nothing. If it was one on one, then even an F Rank Adventurer would have an easy time.

However, Goblin Lords could pose a threat to even B Rank Adventurers.

No matter how united they were, F Rank Adventurers did not have much chance.


And so it was no surprise that Ario and Josh were shaking with such fear.


By the way, F Rankers are newcomers. E just barely escapes that status.

At D, you are a full-fledged Adventurer. B means you are one of the best. A is for the highest elite.

As for the S Rank, only a few people in history have ever been given it.


I turned to Ario and Josh and whispered.


“Calm down.”



An F Rank party was likely to be annihilated the moment they bumped into a Goblin Lord.

However, I was an S Rank.


I soloed a Devil King who almost destroyed the entire world.

A mere Goblin Lord was not a threat to me.


“If it comes to it, run away and leave the rest to me.”

“What, we can’t leave you here…”


This conversation sounded like the one 10 years ago.

I felt a little nostalgic.




It seemed like the Goblin Lord noticed that we were close by.

Goblins tended to have a sharp sense of smell. He must have smelled us from where he was.


But it looked like he wasn’t sure of our exact location yet. Perhaps his eyes were not the best.


It roared loudly and swung its weapon around.

It was a large steel club. It smashed into the walls of the mines with loud crashing sounds.

The rock walls crumbled.


I watched this carefully.


I could defeat a Goblin Lord quite easily. But something about all of this was suspicious.

A Goblin Lord who led a large group must be intelligent.

But I didn’t sense much intelligence in this one.


It didn’t seem likely that this one would have thought to slowly take livestock from surrounding villages.

A stupid goblin would have taken them all at once.

This pack had over thirty goblins.

Not only could they have taken all of the animals, but they could have destroyed the entire village.


It seemed like they wanted humans to believe that they were a small pack.


Besides, there had even been guards stationed at the entrance.

This was proof that the goblins were being managed as an organized group.


And that did not seem like something that this Goblin Lord, who was banging against the walls in frustration, would do.

There must be someone else pulling the strings. If possible, I did not want that person to escape.


And so I watched.

Perhaps the person would come out after seeing that the Goblin Lord was not able to stop the invaders.

Or the Goblin Lord would return to make a report.

I waited.




The Goblin Lord stopped roaring and froze.





Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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