10 Years After – 87

The Enemy’s Base


A sword slashed at me the moment I appeared on the other side.

I blocked it with the Devil King Sword.

However, it wasn’t just one hit. They came one after another.


I blocked the attacks while inspecting the enemy.

There were about five vampires. They seemed stronger than Arch Vampires.

Maybe they were Lords. Their attacks were faster.

In any case, I had to put them down quickly.


I swung my sword a few times, and eventually cut off all of their heads.

They rolled on the floor as I said,


“Is your god here?”



They didn’t reply, so I stabbed one of the heads, turning it into ash.

There was no medal.

The magic stone shined like a Lord stone but was the size of an Arch stone.


“Hmm. So you aren’t Lords.”


I looked at the remaining four heads.


“So I guess you are all Arch Vampires who have been strengthened by this god of yours?”



They remained silent.


Normally, a monster’s strength affected the size and brightness of the stone.

The stronger the monster, the larger and brighter they were.


And there was a great difference between Arch Vampires and Vampire Lords.

It took a long time for Arch Vampires to grow into a Lord.

So the development of the stones would also take a long time.


But these vampires must have been strengthened very quickly, and so the stones had not caught up yet.

And so only the brightness had changed.


“A valuable sample.”

I said as I stabbed the remained heads.


“In any case, where am I?”


The walls were rough stone. There were no windows and only a single door.

There was no furniture. The only thing in the room was the mirror with the magic circle on it.

It reminded me of the Vampire High Lord base I had invaded recently.


“Do vampires like caves?”

I opened the door and moved on.


There was a hallway and several vampires waiting.

I killed them without exchanging a word. There were even minor monsters like goblins.

I killed them as well. I would gather the stones later.

As I advanced through the cave, the place erupted into chaos.


I did not hide at all.

The fact that a magic circle was used meant that this place must be quite far from the city.

Perhaps there were no humans nearby at all.


Or maybe there was at one time.

But there were so many vampires here.

If there was a town or village nearby, they would have been destroyed already.


And so there was no point in holding back.


“Where is your boss?”

I asked a vampire’s head.



He said nothing. But I didn’t really expect him to.


“You won’t tell me, huh?”

I stabbed the head.


The vampires were moving more frantically now, as if they were desperate to stop me.

It was obvious that I was getting closer.


(But then again, maybe it was a trap.)


But I had no other clues and would have to keep going.

The vampires were throwing themselves at me in a suicidal attempt to stop me as I killed my way through their ranks.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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