10 Years After – 87


After walking for some time, I came upon a room that was heavily guarded.

I put a hand on it but then hesitated.


Judging by the movements of the vampires, there was something very important in this room.

Perhaps this god that they worshipped was inside.

Or maybe it contained the important tools used for summoning it.


In any case, it was a place that the enemy wanted to protect.

And of course, it might even have the barrier of the god of the dark ones set up.


“…What should I do?”


I muttered to myself as I cut down a vampire who attacked from behind.

I stabbed the rolling head and then shot a magic bullet into the ceiling.

It broke through the rock ceiling.

Then I saw light leaking through the hole. It had gone through completely.


Through this hole, I used search magic to scan the area.

Humans tended to move.

So I just needed to search for moving things of a certain size and I could see if there were humans close by.

However, there were things of a similar size that moved which were not humans as well, so you had to be careful.


“Hmm. There doesn’t seem to be any humans around.”


So there was no need for restraint.


“The ceiling is thick as…five adults.”


If I used some serious explosion magic, it would all collapse.

But since there was no one around, I didn’t really mind.

However, it would make it hard to investigate later on.


“Alright. I’ve decided.”

I shot a magic bullet into the door. In an instant, it was blown away.

At the same time, I released a Terminus Icicle spell around me.

The temperature of my surroundings dropped to near zero.


It was necessary to make a magic barrier to protect your friends when using Terminus Icicle.

So I rarely used it unless I was fighting solo.

It wasn’t the most convenient magic. However, it was good for disarming enemies without wrecking the environment.


The vampires that tried to attack from the back were now frozen on the ground.

Then they fell down and shattered. Being frozen had made their bodies brittle.

All around me, vampires and goblins fell and crumbled into pieces.

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