10 Years After – 7

The Goblin Nest


After walking for some time, we came upon the bones of livestock.

The goblins must have eaten them.


“Their valuable property…”


The Sorcerer Ario said sadly.

Livestock did not return once it was taken. I knew that well.


However, seeing the evidence with your own eyes did not give you the warmest feeling.


“Josh and I were raised on farms.”

“I see. I understand how you feel.”


As Ario and I talked, Josh inspected the bones.

He understood his role as scout very well. And he was quick.

It was the scout’s job to look for traces of the goblins and find out where their nest was.


I watched Josh carefully as he worked.

I wasn’t exactly a novice when it came to scouting skills either.


Our heroes party had consisted of a Hero, Warrior, and Sorcerer.

But Eric and Goran had absolutely zero skills related to scouting.

And so I had taken on that role for our party.


Opening locks, tracking, disarming traps. These things could also be done with magic.

And I was in charge of ranged attacks, which was also similar to a scout.

So in a way, a Sorcerer and Scout could be much the same.


But still, Josh’s work was impressive even to me.

He was a good scout who had all the basics down perfectly.


“Josh, are you really F Rank?”

“Indeed, I am? Why do you ask?”

“No, it’s just that you are very precise from what I can see.”


The teeth marks on the bones, the leftover meat, the age of the footprints, the number of them.

There were definite things to look for.

And it required experience to be able to find them all accurately.


“I’m happy that you think so.”


Josh said shyly.

He then added that he had been a hunter back at home.


“So that’s why you are used to this.”


Ario was also pleased with how impressed I was.


“Josh is a good and quick-witted scout.”

“Don’t praise me too much.”


As we talked, Josh finished his inspection.

He had discovered the direction that the nest was in.


“It is this way. I don’t think that it is very far.”



We started to walk with Josh in the lead.

Josh’s conclusion was right. The nest was indeed in this direction.


However, he seemed to have missed the high number of goblins and the fact that there were monsters other than goblins as well.



“Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”


I decided to say nothing. It was better to learn from your mistakes.

Of course, since I decided to stay silent, it also meant that I was responsible.

As their elder, I was responsible for their lives.


I would in no way allow either of them to die.

And so I prepared myself for the fight.


We continued to walk until we found what looked like the goblin nest.

It was more of a cave. Perhaps an old, abandoned mine.

There were two goblins near the entrance who were standing watch.


“That’s annoying.”
“Is it really?”
“Seems easy to me.”


Ario and Josh did not agree with my comment.

Mines were long. And as they were dug along the veins of ore, they often twisted like a maze.


It made it easy for goblins to capitalize on their large numbers.

But Ario and Josh had not seemed to realize this yet.

And so I knew, that they would both definitely be dead if they had come alone.


Ario said with a serious face,


“Goblins are nocturnal. We should attack them while it’s still bright.”

“That’s true.”

“Then I will go in the lead because I’m a Warrior. Josh should take the rear.”



Ario and Josh nodded.

We would definitely be attacked from the back on the way.


“Josh. Be very careful of attacks from the back.”

“Yes. Leave it to me.”


I unsheathed the Devil King sword that was on my back.

No matter how many times I wield it, it always felt huge.

It would not be easy to handle in the confined spaces of the mines.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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