10 Years After – 7




I think, just before we enter. If I were alone, I could just charge in and cut in every direction.

It would be even easier with magic. I could just fire off a powerful spell from the entrance and end it all at once.


However, I had people with me this time.

I needed to guarantee their safety while also allowing them to gain some experience.

That would be challenging.


As I thought, Ario said,


“Let’s go slowly and surely while killing all of the goblins.”

“Yes. Goblins can be dangerous if you let your guard down.”


Josh agreed.

They suggested their own strategy. And they weren’t wrong.

That was what we should do.


“We’ll do that then. I’ll go in first, so you should support me with your bow. Save your magic.”

“Understood.” “Yes.”


I started to run towards the two goblins that were on watch.

When the first one noticed me, it was too late. Its body was split into two.




At the same time, Josh put an arrow into the other goblin’s head.


“You’re really good with that, Josh.”

“You too, Locke. That was really fast.”


After taking down the guards, it was all about speed.

We needed to kill them before they knew what hit them.

Of course, if it was just me, it wouldn’t matter how I did it.


But I had newcomers with me. I had to act in a way that would be a good example to them.


We entered the first small room, and I silently killed the goblin that was sleeping there.

I could do it all alone, but there would be little meaning in that.

And so I had Ario and Josh kill a few of them as we made our way deeper inside.


After that, we were attacked from the rear twice.

Impressively, Josh reacted quickly to the first one, but I had to give him a hint the second time.


“I didn’t expect there to be so many!”

“We’ve killed 30 of them.”

“I thought that there would only be 10…”


Josh and Ario finally realized that their estimations had been wrong.


“It is a lot. And packs of goblins like this often have other monsters around as well.”

“Locke, what do you mean by that?”


Ario asked. His voice was shaking.

I didn’t answer this but made him face reality.


“Ario. Can you still use fireballs?”

“I might… But I’m near my limit.”

“Josh. Do you have enough arrows?”

“I only have 3 left.”


After thinking for a moment, Ario said,


“Let’s retreat.”



Josh said stubbornly, but Ario shook his head.


“There are too many of them. There may even be hobgoblins or goblin magicians. It would be foolish to charge in further without enough magic and arrows.”

“…That’s true.”


Josh finally agreed. They were a smart party.

They lacked the recklessness that newcomers often had. They would make a great party one day.


Just then,


A horrible cry echoed from the back. It was coming closer and closer.


“This is bad!”

“Let’s hide.”


Ario and Josh decided quickly. They pulled back into a narrow side tunnel.

Immediately after that, the thing that had cried came into view.


“…A goblin lord.”


I muttered under my breath.


Ario and Josh gulped.

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