10 Years After – 8


Something was running straight towards it from the entrance of the mine.

It was fast. The distance between the Goblin Lord and newcomer was closed in an instant, and a thin weapon thrust out repeatedly.


It was a beastkin girl. And she looked like quite the warrior.

Her thin blade moved with precision as it shot out towards the Goblin Lord’s vital areas.




The Goblin Lord reacted with speed that was surprising for its size.

He wielded his giant club as if it were a twig, and blocked all of the girl’s attacks.


“Do not hinder me, weakling!”

The girl said derisively as she expertly moved in and moved out.

However, the Goblin Lord was handling it well.

Neither was able to deal a decisive blow. They were in a stalemate.




Ario whispered. At that instant, the girl’s ears twitched.


“You there! Escape from here while you still can!”


As a beastfolk, her ears were very good.


“Ario, Josh. You two get out of here.”

“Oh, okay.”


“But be careful of ambushes.”



Ario and Josh dashed out from the side tunnel.




The Goblin Lord tried to chase after them.

“I won’t let you!”

The girl said as she stopped his advance.


I turn to her and say:


“Do you need help?”

“So you did not run!”

“I had no need to run.”

“Then do as you like. But do not get in my way!”


She said seriously as she faced the Goblin Lord.

If she didn’t want me to bother her, it was probably better to just watch.

Adventurer’s had their reasons. I would make a move if things got dangerous.


The battle between the girl and Goblin Lord continued for a while.

They were evenly matched. The difference between them was their weapons.




There was a small ring and then the girl’s sword shattered.

It had clashed with the giant steel club many times. It was an obvious outcome.

Having lost her weapon, the girl was forced to fight defensively.

She could not block with a weapon and had to dodge every attack.


I asked her again.

“Do you need help?”

“I do not! Perhaps you should run away now.”


She pulled out a short sword from her belt and continued to fight.

However, she had not been able to defeat him with her original sword. There was no chance that this short sword would reach it.

It did not take long for it to be struck out of her hand.

The girl frantically jumped back. The steel club crashed into the ground where she had been a moment ago.




She groaned angrily.

She was done. It was only a matter of time before she was killed.


“I won’t ask you anymore. I will do as I please.”

“I don’t care. But you should run away…”

“Actually, I was here first.”


I said and put a hand on the sword on my back.

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  1. Ruining his plans tch, also better not have a cliche of her being clingy. Don’t like her and I hope he finds the mastermind

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