10 Years After – 58

The Fight at Kabino’s House


I charged into Kabino’s house and immediately saw 20 men.

There was also a girl who was crying as she was pinned to the ground.

She must have been caught near the door as she screamed and tried to run.


“Who-who are you!”


The thugs shouted. No, they were probably no ordinary thugs.

One of them already had a knife pointed at the girl’s neck. That was quick thinking.

There was a high likelihood that they were former Adventurers or soldiers.


“I heard that you treated Milka horribly, I have come to make a complaint.”

“What? What the hell are you saying?”

There was a plump man in the center of the thugs whose face twisted with disgust.


“Mister Kabino. Allow us to kill this man.”

One of the thugs asked the man with the ample build.

So it was Kabino after all.


“Please help me!”

The girl looked towards me and asked for help.


I didn’t know anything about her.

Regardless, there was nothing that I could do in this situation that did not involve helping her.

If it turned out later that she was the evilest of villains, then the law would take care of that later.


“Not only my child, but I have heard that you are hurting other children as well?”

“It has nothing to do with you!”

“Well, you should let her go, in any case.”

“What are you saying! I hope that you don’t expect to get out of here alive!”


There really was no room to talk here.

Well, maybe there would be some room after I beat them into a pulp.

However, they had a knife directed at the girl’s neck, so it would be difficult to move.


Serulis was crouching and looking for an opening.

These were the times that illusions would come in handy. I was very thankful to Luchila for allowing me to learn them.


And so I created an illusion of fire and smoke behind Kabino and his men. This was to fool them into thinking the building was on fire.

They should even be feeling the heat from it.



Nearly all of them turned to look behind them.

But they immediately looked back, and Kabino screamed.


“Is this your work!”

But by then, I had kicked the knife away from the girl’s neck.

It flew in the air and pierced the ground far to the back of the room.



At the same time, Kabino let out an odd cry.

Serulis had rushed through the group of men and slammed her fist into Kabino’s face.

Blood poured from his nose and Kabino fell to his knees.


Serulis was quick to make decisions and quick to act. It was done very well.


“Don’t let them get out alive!”

Kabino had all but forgotten about the fire now as he barked out orders.

The attack on his face had both enraged and confused him. He wasn’t thinking straight.


Of course, this wasn’t a real fire.

Perhaps not being distracted by the illusion was very lucky for him.


Regardless, I wasn’t going to let him go, much less forgive him.


I kicked away the men that had been holding the girl down.

Then I picked her up and gently tossed her towards Serulis.



Serulis only barely caught her.


“Serulis. See to it that she’s safe.”



Now I could run wild. I launched my fists into any target they could find.

I concentrated on disabling every man with one hit as I attacked.


I punched one in the stomach. He fell to the ground and vomited all over the floor.

And to a different thug, I gave a kick in the jaw. His teeth flew from his mouth and he crumbled to his knees.

In the blink of an eye, five of them were now immobile.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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  1. This is one screwed up story. You don’t simply kick the knife that is held close to someone’s neck. Logically, the knife will cut the neck if you do that unless you grab the hand or kick the guy backward or dominant hand’s side. Either mistranslation or the author is sick in the mind,

    • It’s the angle that matters. You come in low and up the side of the neck through the hand. The knife can only go away from the neck.

      Don’t try it unless you have drilled until it is reflexive.

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