10 Years After – 58


“What strength! This is useless!”

“Bastard, don’t you run away!”


One of his men started to run, and Kabino shouted after him.

However, he had no need to worry, because I wouldn’t let him go regardless.


Just as he opened the door, a burst of flames assaulted him. Of course, it was an illusion.

Illusions were more effective depending on the magic ability of the caster and weakness of the target.

With the difference between me and the thug, everything from the smell, heat, and sounds of burning would seem so real.



The thugs that were near the door were now rolling on the ground.

They thought that they were actually on fire.

Parts of their faces and arms that were exposed were turning a bright red.

It seemed as if they had believed the illusion so much that they ended up suffering light burns.


Those who were not burned by the illusion had no more desire to escape.


“Damn it!”

They shouted as they attacked me. They had no choice but to fight.

With no questions asked, I reciprocated.


Some of them chose Serulis as their target, but I could see that she was holding her own against them.

Even with a sword, Serulis was quite strong.

It was no wonder that she was considered B Rank in terms of fighting ability.


After no longer than five minutes, the entire room was cleared.

Then we tied up Kabino and the other thugs. I used magic in order to finish this quickly.

Once we were done, Serulis said,


“I’ll call them now.”

“Thank you.”


Serulis gently put the girl on the ground and ran outside of Kabino’s house.

The girl looked like she was going to cry as she said,


“Thank you so much.”

I checked to see if she had been injured.

There was nothing serious. Only scrapes. There was no need for emergency treatment.


“Don’t worry. It’s all over.”



Luchila, Grulf, Milka, and Gerberga quickly came inside.


“Wow. Mister Locke and sister Serulis did all of this?”

“We did!”


Serulis said proudly.

She liked being called ‘sister.’


“Luchila, Grulf. Go with Serulis and search the mansion for any more thugs or victims.”



“Leave it to us!”


They left excitedly and came back in five minutes.

There were no other victims, but they had caught an additional five thugs.

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  1. [If it turned out later that she was the evilest of villains, then the law would take care of that later.]

    my man know how things works ~
    never trust the only girl with unknown origin in the base of Villains…. she could have playing victim ~

  2. Uhhh again only illusion magic. I hope soon he will start using other magics too. Cause he was master magican right. Anyway thanks for chapter

  3. Even with a sword, Serulis was quite strong.
    i think it should be: Even without a sword, Serulis was quite strong.

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