10 Years After – 50

What Lay at the End of the Passage


I looked carefully at the other side of the destroyed wall.

I didn’t feel that there was any danger. There were no traps and no monsters.


It looked more like a room for someone to live in than a dungeon or hidden room.


“Actually…this looks a little familiar. This room.”


I quietly moved towards it.

Luchila and Milka followed after me.


“Mister Locke. It seems like…”

“A really rich person’s house.”


Milka seemed quite excited now.


“Mister Locke, Mister Locke.”


“Is this an abandoned house? If it is, I would like to sleep in it.”

“There is no way that it is abandoned. And even if it was, it is against the law to enter without permission.”

“Ah, yes. That is right. Sorry.”


As we whispered to each other like this, I felt a presence from beyond the room.

Quiet footsteps were slowly coming closer to us.


“Mister Locke. Let us hide.”

“Yes, this is dangerous.”


Luchila and Milka said as they hid underneath a desk.


“Mister Locke, hurry. Hurry.”



And so with little choice, I hid under the desk.

Gerberga seemed nervous. He was shivering.


“Lord Gerberga. Don’t worry.”



I petted his wings to calm him down.

After that, the door immediately opened.


“Who is it!”



It was a quiet but authoritative voice. Milka gulped.

But it was a voice that was familiar to me. With relief, I pulled myself out from under the desk.


“Sorry to disturb you so late.”

“Ru…Locke. What are you doing here?”


The person who had come in was Eric, in his pajamas. He was carrying his Holy Sword in his right hand.

Eric had realized that there were other people under the desk, and so he had decided to call me Locke instead.


“But really, why did you come first? You should send guards up ahead.”

“Locke. That’s easy for you to say, but this is right next to my bedroom.”

“Is that right. Well then, I am very sorry about disturbing you this late…”


I had thought it looked familiar. That was because it was the palace.

I had never seen this room before, but the wallpaper was the same as the other rooms.


“I detected the presence of intruders from the next room. And it would be faster to come here myself than to call the guards.”

“I suppose you are right, but think of your position.”

“Well, let’s not argue over that. Now, introduce me to your companions.”

“Luchila, Milka. You can come out.”


Luchila and Milka came out from under the desk.


“Ah, so it was Luchila. It’s good to see you again.”

“It is an honor. Thank you.”

“And Eric, this is Milka. We just met her a moment ago.”

“I am Eric. A friend of Locke. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh! A friend of Mister Locke! It’s nice to meet you too!”


Milka clearly did not realize that Eric was a hero and a king.

Survival was hard enough for her without having to learn things that were common knowledge.


“In any case, it seems rather unusual to meet new people at this hour.”

“That has to do with why we are here in the first place.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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