Jack of all Trades – 124

Silvergreen, Bounding Through The Battlefield


There were three logs placed by the entrance. They were very thick logs. Two of them had been broken, and once the remains were removed, the invaders would be able to climb over the last one. There was no need to destroy the last log. Of course, there was a hole on the other side. That was the basis for this plan.


An hour had now passed since we started. It was now one thirty. If I were still working at the convenient store, this would about the time that I finished my exercises in preparation, and started to work.

I held my great sword and looked at the other Adventurers. Some wore light armor and wielded one-handed swords. Some wore heavy armor and carried battle hammers and great shields. There were even some who had small shields and short spears. I was going to go out with these men and annihilate the orcs outside of our fortress. Virgil would be leading this group. I was told to act on my own. I guess my weapon was a little… Well, I did also carry the Glampanzer on my belt.


“All of you. This is where our work really begins. From here, we are going to go over the wall and destroy those orcs. We don’t know how many there are. Furthermore, they are being led by an abnormally evolved being. This is no ordinary orc. It is an orc with great intelligence and the ability to plan.”


The Adventurers muttered to each other at Virgil’s words. They had plenty of experience fighting orcs, but never with any orcs of this kind.


“But do not be afraid! We are Adventurers. We are skilled fighters, and Adventure City is our home! Intelligence is nothing. We will break them with our power! Haven’t we always been that way?”


He said, partly in jest, and the others laughed.


“Yes! That is right!”

“We are Adventurers!”

“Wealth and honor, with our own hands!”


They banged sword against shield, gauntlet against armor, and cheered. I too banged on my sword with my gloved hand. To be honest, the rush of the moment was taking over me.

Virgil looked up at the archers on top of the wall. One of them gave the signal that told him that there were no orcs on the other side, and then he signaled to the magicians. Amber colored magic began to flow. The walls began to twist with the flow of magic, and then a vertical tear appeared, and the wall stretched open.


“Now, let us go! Let’s kill these cunning orcs!!”



With that battle cry, we began to run. There were no orcs on the other side of the wall. But I knew, through Presence Detection, that there were numerous orcs inside of the forest.

We had speculated that the orc settlement was past the forest. On the rocky side near the center of the valley. In other words, they would come out in a swarm from that direction. My weapon of choice was a greatsword. In that case, it’s true worth would be shown in a clearing rather than amidst the trees. Well, a little magic in the sword would make quick work of said trees, but I didn’t want to destroy the forest. We should take care of nature, and all that.


Now that they realized that we had come out of the wall, the orcs began to come. And unsurprisingly, they dwarfed us in numbers. However, these Adventurers were worth more than a crowd of orcs. And every orc that encountered their swords founds their lives snuffed out.


I looked for Virgil as I ran, all the while cutting down orcs in my path. It was partially through observing Penrose, but I was no longer just swinging this great sword but handling it with more skill. I found his arch swing particularly easy to do.

After killing five orcs, I caught sight of Virgil. His dual blades were beheading orcs left and right.



“Asagi, what is it?”

“I’m going to kill the orcs in the forest. When their numbers thin out here, advance with the others!”

“Understood! However, I am not letting you go in there alone. I’m sending a few men with you. They should be able to help without getting in the way!”

“Yes, thank you!”


Virgil nodded, and so I was able to leave without any unfinished business. Now, it was best to hurry. I would fight with such a fervor, as if I meant to kill them all before my backup could reach me.


I started to run towards the forest, green and silver wind wrapped around my legs. Three orcs stood in front, trying to block my path, but it was no problem. I ran even faster, then I spun around, allowing the gravitational pull to carry my sword through them as I passed between. Their bodies split into halves. Then I turned again to kill off the rest of my momentum, and then jump into the air. Some of the Adventurers must have been watching because I could hear them cheering. With their words at my back, I continued to move towards the forest.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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